Dragonfly Cobalt

Just picked up the Dragonfly Cobalt. It’s my first dongle DAC. I noticed right away that the guts rattle around inside the case. Is this normal? Does anyone have experience with the other Dragonfly offerings? Does yours rattle around in the case? Is it something I should worry about? Any advise would be helpful. I figured for $300 it would be a little more solidly built.

I have a DFR and it does rattle. If you grab the usb end and move it around you can clearly see the whole unit move around in the body. Never been a issue as far as function. I only use this with my laptop when i’m not carrying any of my other portable DAP or DAC/AMP.

Awesome! Thanks for the reply!

i had the DF black latest version and in just 2 months of use it started showing signs on wear. the usb connector seemed loose and the black coating started peeling off around the edges, it didnt feel like it would fall apart though.
how is your experience with the Cobalt, how does it sound. can you make a video showing off the accessories and the product i cant find any videos for it.

It sounds fantastic! Night and day difference as opposed to streaming directly from my phone. They definitely filled this little thing with magic. Music and YouTube comes to life. All I use is the DFC paired with Apple’s camera adapter to my phone. I use AKG open backs, FH5’s, or some crappy Bose earbuds when working in the yard. I don’t really do videos, but if I find some free time I might throw something together.