Driving a 1990 Pro

I recently got a DT 1990 Pro and wanted to drive them with a good dac/amp. I was looking into the gsx 1000 and I really liked the way it looked and the interface but I wasn’t sure if it could drive my headphones since it is considered pretty weak. Does anyone know if it can drive the 1990s?

It can drive the 1990, but not very well. Imo perhaps look into a jds labs element II or element if you wanted a similar style but better preforming

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im using a topping dx3 pro. nice little clean and powerful dac/amp. easy to use. have to push it pretty hard (around -15db where as other headphones are in the -25ish range) with the heavy eq i use

Would a Liquid spark be good to bring down that treble spike in the DT1990? or maybe even a tube amp?

Yeah it will drive them no problem, same with a magni 3+