Driving DT 1990 Pro's

I looking for a DAC and AMP that would get the most out of my DT 1990’s. I want to use them for music and gaming. My budget is around $500 but having some headroom to grow into a other headphones in the future would be nice.

These are the setup I have been looking into. Looking to see if any of you have any experience with any of these. Any input is appreciated.

  • JDS Element 2 DAC/AMP
  • Asgard 3 with Multibit DAC
  • THX AAA 789 - SMSL SU-8 Stack

Would recommend going with an asgard with a seperate dac as I feel the asgard pairs very nicely. Dacs won’t offer a very significant change in sound so budgeting and buying a Topping E30 or going a bit higher and buying the Schiit Modius would go well imo

Idk, it’s all in relation to where you’re coming from. I noticed very little change going from a smsl vmv amp to a liquid spark then to a 789 but going from an ess9018 based dac to an akm4493 based dac was very noticable. Going from the akm4493 to the 4497 was not though.

Hmm, perhaps it’s my inexperience with a wide variety of dacs but I found that amps change a sound much more than a dac tends to. Though I guess it really depends on the equipment. Though I would say for the 1990s I really like the asgard 3 for it.

Honestly i would blow it all on a RNHP amp and use a cheaper dac for it. but if you want both i think the schiit is the way to go