Drop + Audio Technica Carbon VTA Turntable

Seems interesting, wonder how it holds up value wise


Interesting to see how it competes with other entry level tables.
But I think the AT model it’s based on is actually cheaper, though you get an upgraded tone arm, and the phono-pre amp.
Personally if I were looking for an entry level table, I’d probably buy something established until there are some real reviews available.

Either that or I would go for something solid 2nd hand imo

It looks decent, but that still seems pretty expensive to me considering a U-Turn Orbit is like 250 if you want/need a built in phono

Depends how good the tone arm is, but without reviews I wouldn’t jump,

It look not bad,the Tonearm are cool.
But the Needle is for sure Standart.Better a ortophon 2m Red or Blue.
The. Onnection are Good.
I am courius to see it can stand the Rega Turntable for beginner turntable.

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After my experiences with the apparently almost identical AT-LPW40WN I would assume that this turntable sounds better than a Pro-Ject Essential III. I suspect that it will at least reach the quality of the U-Turn Orbit. It should also sound better than the church bell of AT-LP120, but the LPW40WN had no chance against a Rega Planar 1.
All these turntables will probably sound better than any Fluance product.
The Rega P1 remains my budget recommendation, just like the P2 in the more upscale entry-level segment.

Budget Cartidge recommendations remain
Gold Ring E1, Gold Ring E3, Grado Prestige Red2, Nagaoka MP-110, Sumiko Pearl, Ortofon Concorde 10 R, Ortofon 2M Blue, Gold Ring G1006

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Has anyone actually had the chance to try one yet?

It gives better turntables as this,maybe not for the price.But is better.

Im sorry… What?

Take a look to the Rega models or Technics,Older thorens turntable the are the better pic,as this from Massdrop.

Massdrop has shown themselves to be perfectly capable at creating good products.

Well, I mean you have garbage tier like the he350 and 35x, or the hifiman bolt or re-00, the one massdrop t-x0 was not great either. They also have a fair amount of meh products as well. They have their good, but also alot of meh and a few real misses. But their wins are real wins for sure, just everything isn’t going to be a win from them. Can’t really comment on the turntable though so

True, they have made some bad and meh products, I just dont agree with brushing it off just because its comming from Drop. Most companies have good, bad, and meh products. I was originally inquiring as to if anyone had a chance to try it out.

This is the only review on YouTube that I know of for it.

Yeah I agree, not really saying to brush things off here either

I am aware you arent. That was more my reaction to @Deleeh saying to:

I have a turntable at home myself, and one of the older generations, too, and those were simply built more robustly than today, where a lot is covered with cheap wood or plastic, and some turntables have even been built to last - something that’s good are the pickups today have a better position than back then, so if you find an old one and install it with a modern pickup you have a very good stand and manufacturers like Technics or Rega have been around for years, Thorens unfortunately are not went bankrupt but their turntables are indestructible. A few years ago they reappeared under a new management. In part for the money that Massdrop offers you can find old turntables that have been completely revised and that will last for 20 years These things. You can have a look yourself at the old ones on Ebay and co. Almost everyone built the Pioneer back then, Jvc, Toshiba, Sony, phillips, Grundig. Real darlings will easily play today’s turntables on the wall, even the $ 5000 turntable.