Drop Exclusive Moondrop KXXX

Thread for the Moondrop KXXX Drop Exclusive…


honestly…how does someone mitigate the extremely high chance of losing one of these?

Man, if I didn’t already have the Starfield… I like the matte black for sure. I think they said multiple times that it has more bass than the default KXXS as well so… :wink:

I thought it was just a KXXS with a different paint job.

Moondrop reported that the KXXX has been re-tuned.

Thought so too, but apparently they tuned it with slightly more bass. Maybe it’s like Etymotic with their SE and XR (more bass) line? I still don’t know if this is worth it over the Starfields considering their large similarity in sound, but difference in price.


I own the Starfield as well and agree. They are both very similar sounding. There’s something about the KXXX that is a little more agreeable for me personally. Black is my favorite color and the black fabric cable that comes with the KXXX is very nice compared to the Starfield cable. You also don’t have to worry about paint chipping on the KXXX.


I have yet to lose an iem that’s worth more than $10 so I’m somehow doing it. I think the price tag alone gives you a different mentality when handling .