Drop + Fostex T-X0 II $180 pre-order gamble?

Looks like Massdrop is using its rebranding of DROP (stupid name) to get a redo on the Fostex T-X0

Drop + Fostex T-X0 II

I personally never heard the others so I can’t attest to the problems they had or the potential fixes this new set brings. The early reviews all look promising, then again I’m not sure what Massdrop’s criteria is for sending things to people for review.

Looks like they’re offering these at a pre-order price of $180 and a final price of $220.

They’re including two sets of pads and two different types of foam for tuning these to your liking. Considering they’re using pleather, I think the price is a bit steep especially since the T60-RPs exist.

Expected ship date isn’t until March 6th 2020 so that’s a LONG wait.

Jesus, 2020? C’mon massdrop that’s ridiculous. Well you can always try the other fostex cans and see if you like those before buying. IMO a savings of $40 is not worth having my money tied up for nearly a year


Agreed. Reviews for MK I were poor. Hopefully this makes the MK I cheaper in the used market so you can send it out to be modded.

that literally gives me enought time to save up for a t60rp I would rather but now at a higher price than wait a year to get it

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