🔷 Drop + Hifiman HE-R7DX

This is the official thread for the HE-R7DX

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: Over ear
  • Amp needed: No but better with
  • Closed Back

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Z Reviews

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Interested now that they are on sale for $119. Does anyone have experience with them and rec them or not?

Has there been any pads made for HE-R7DX?

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I wish I had had $119.00 when they were on sale as all the reviews I’ve seen say they are worth it at they’re regular price.

First Impressions
This is my first time doing an First impressions so please forgive me if i make any errors regarding to judgement.

I have just got the HE-R7DX and its good.
Break in might be needed on the memory foam pads to regain bass.

Bass (break in needed from pads)

  • Light but Super Smooth
  • Well spaced and does not interfere with with vocals, instruments and treble
  • Prefer ZS10 PRO Bass

Instruments is not muddled up with vocals.

  • Well defined and sounds great
  • Smooth and lively

Vocals are great and sound real as if they are singing next to me.

  • Sound like a veil present?
  • Well Defined

For a my first audiophile closed-back headphone from HifiMan the HE-R7DX is a damn great headphone to listen to any genre and enjoy listening.


  • Hifiman HE-R7DX
  • ZS10 PRO
  • Sabaj DA3 DAC/AMP

Songs Used:

  • Easy on Me - Adele
  • Rodeo feat.Nas - Lil Nas X
  • Here with Me - Marshmello, Anne Marie
  • American Idiot: -Green Day
  • She’s my collar - Gorillaz
  • Gangsta’s Paradise - Coolio, L.V
  • Natural - Imagine Dragons
  • 92 Explorer - Post Malone
  • Green Hope - Sing Sing Rabbit
  • Project Dreams - Marshmello, Roddy Rich
  • Sound Chimera - Laur
  • We like to party (The Vengabus) - Vengaboys
  • Lets Groove - Earth, Wind & Fire
  • You’re gonna go far kid - The Offspring

AND NOW I can add the Drop HifiMan R7DX to that list for things to be grateful towards Z Reviews for introducing me to - with some major modifications of course! In stock form its a decent buy- an decent headphone with some crazy potential. I knew the size of that cup with be perfect me to go to town on all the modifications I learned over the last few years- utilizing my Kennerton GH50Mk2 Fiberglass Fractal Mesh Technology and a bunch of other room acoustics treatments I learned in recording studios and from designing home theaters a half dozen times- I think I dialed in the summit limit and best performance for this headphone design if I do say so myself. Its not merely stuffing it full of wool or tape or non slip carpet rug gripper in and praying it will work- I tried dozens of different materials and honed in what works best here and every thing is hand cut and selected.


layers of fiberglass shaped similar to a Fibonacci like pattern that make the image and sound stage sound much larger than even open backs - it’s a time consuming process - this non fabric design may just revolutionize all headphones designs and hopefully one day replace the use of typical fabric (figure a) which tends to mute certain frequencies -I can see this being the future of headphones and can replace all fabric in headphones with the fractal (figure c) fiberglass mutipatern actually helps bring all frequencies out and expand them (see image)
the pattern I created here actually de-accelerates the sound waves into a very spacious sound “meshing” unlike fabric which has a deadening narrowing effect (see diagram labeled planar surface a) - this mesh material tunes the sound waves and it comes alive due to their fractal nature- and allows pinpoint accuracy and a wider stage fooling the waves into a creating a larger than life pattern while minimizing any echo or ring in sound waves - it works better than fabric (the idea comes from using much more expensive porous/foamed aluminum similar to ones used on the back wave of the Abyss AB 1266 TC or the Meta Material used in front of the Dan Clark Stealth or the Meta material used in the KEF speakers)

this non fabric design may just revolutionize all headphones designs and hopefully one day replace the use of typical fabric (a) which tends to mute certain frequencies - replace all fabric in headphones with the fractal (c) fiberglass muti pattern actually helps bring all frequencies out and expand them (see image)

Untietled.pngstrong text

**Fractal surfaces: Generation and acoustic scattering prediction. https://asa.scitation.org/doi/10.1121/1.4783953**​

this is the key to making headphones less in your head I think while not touching any frequency db (no muting)
quantum material

**[“Physicists discover new quantum electronic material - atomic structure resembling a Japanese basketweaving pattern, “kagome metal” exhibits exotic, quantum behavior.”](http://%22Physicists discover new quantum electronic material - atomic structure resembling a Japanese basketweaving pattern, “kagome metal” exhibits exotic, quantum behavior.%22)**​


Reexamining the Mechanical Property Space of Three-Dimensional Lattice Architectures


“[Searching for kagome multi-bands and edge states in a predicted organic topological insulator](http://Searching for kagome multi-bands and edge states in a predicted organic topological insulator)”
Moiré superlattices at the topological insulator Bi2Te3


Looks like Dekoni is prototyping an iteration/mod of this can now.


is there a popular mod to make these open?

No clue. I’ve not heard these in stock form — but I pray that it sounds better than what I heard in the Dekoni version, they were a mess.

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well, if it’s a prototype, no real surprise if they sounded bad. :wink:

how did you get your hands on a prototype? o_0

I approached the Dekoni booth at CanJam Chicago and noticed immediately the unmistakable silhouette of the R7DX — with Dekoni logo engraving on the earcup. Was curious enough about the “closed-back Sundara” enough, and this was extra interesting. No top secret insider here. I like what Dekoni does with pads, lots - support them. This thing was not very good, and I’m being generous. Also listened to Dekoni Blue next to it which was a comparative joy, but I hate the earpads they’ve got on there - little tombs that harkened back to my M560. I’ll take my stock T50RP MKIII with 1540 pads and a Modhouse alcantara strap.

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So funny story… I got my HE-R7DX today but odly enough the pads were damaged - contacted support hopeflly ill get some replacement pads.

But ive been told that pad swapping them makes them even better, so i said F*ck it, and ripped out the pad rings, the problem is that due to their unique shape none of my existing pads could fit…
Except these

Presenting the HE-R7D Edition Xs :smiley: (Edition Xs pads)

I had recently bought a couple aftermarket pads from Aliexpress for my Edition Xs, while they were fairly well made the cheapest type i ordered came without the adapter ring but rather an adhesive and there is no way im gluing pads on a 500$ headphone, but they work great if you glue them to the HE-R7DX’s adapter rings…

In terms of comfort they feel great (still not sold on the headband)
In terms of sound - they sound pretty great though im hoping to get replacement pads so i can compare them to stock

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Which pads are compatible with the he-r7dx?

Its a unique mount, so unless you can cannibalize a set of old pads (like i did) you’ll have to use glue.

Agreed, tho I’m tempted to mod the mount so I can use 5xx pads from Dekoni.
If I do, I’ll post back here. If anyone else has done so, please share?

in cases with a unique mount most folks use Velcro with double sided stick tape on the pads and the headphones

With code ZEOSR7DX50* the HE-R7DX is now $74.50 plus tax with free Standard Shipping (4-10 business days).

Since I have so many headphones and need no more, I will not be buying this. I just added it to my cart to test the code and see the tax and shipping, not to click Pay Now for a $78.97 “closed Sundara” which I could paint and put on my Brainwavz XL Gel Micro Suede pads.

*[Not to be confused with the old code ZEOSR7DX or that -$50 off would be +$50.]

It’s kind of a shame about the fit problems some people have with these because if they fit you right, I’m kind of amazed at the sound for $100 (they’re on sale a lot). The more I listen to these, the more I’m convinced that they’re one of the best bargains in headphones.

These are good drivers- the technical ability of this headphone is really quite good. Soundstage is large, detail retrieval and separation are good. I especially was noting how textured and “tight” things sound. Base strings actually sound like a string being plucked and not just a “fuzzy” note. I mean, the best closed back I have to compare it to is the Audeze Maxwell (which is a really good closed back). It can’t beat the Audeze driver on the technical side- the Audeze definitely has better separation and a little better detail retrieval, but the R7DX holds its own, and has a more natural timbre to my ears.

Anyway, I feel like it deserves more of a chance. Hopefully they’ll revise the headband or something and not cancel it… The style is polarizing on the earcups, but if it results in this kind of soundstage from a closed back, then let them be ugly! (I actually don’t mind the looks).