Neutral sound, insane detail retrieval like my hd 660s,bass impact(not bass quantity),real life timbre
Not for Casual iem users if you love bassyy iems stick with your KZ’s and BLON’s etc.don’t bother buying this iem


What filter are you using on the JVC? Glad you are enjoying them, I should check out the FH1s lol :+1:

the one with the most damping ofcourse

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I think the bass is pretty decent on the JVCs. The quality at least, if not the quantity. I have the non-Drop version that I modded myself, so it could be that I have more dampening than the FDX1s. Tips can also factor in. The Spiral Dots it comes with reduce bass pretty substantially, and a narrower bore tip will bring that up if its an issue for you

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is that right…i will try it thanks !

Glad to see you liked the new fiio too. Did you end up EQing the bass up cuz I feel they were very bass neutral until you mod them or EQ them and then they thump like a mother ------ :wink:

im wrong about the fh1S dont buy that garbage ! they are toooo sibilant ! i just ruturned them…i thought they can match my fh5 because of the bigger driver it is not.It still all about tuning

No longer looking forward to checking out the fh1s lol

Did you mod them at all? I’m calling it, different tips and taping the bass port are needed on the fiio. I’m not displeased when using the horn shaped tips.

You are absolutely right

After using my drop jvc for weeks now.I think this is the best iem id ever bought…when i say that the bass is lacking its just im so used to the bass off my fh5 and argonmk3 but in reality, they just have a boosted bass while the jvc have the perfect amount of bass what music should have.this is the only iem that i can listen on all types of genre
and they are the cheapest “A” rank on crinacle website


Hmm i was thinking of getting headphones,… hd 6xx to be exact. But now you got me interested more in the jvc’s. What’s your opinion and suggestion?

To bring a bit of background: never heard decent headphones ever, just got into the audio world a few months ago, i’ve got chifi iem that made me go woah at least 5 times lol (Kz zsx)

@ upgrade
As a former owner of hd6xx they are one of a kind headphones! there’s no headphone on earth that can match their midrange performance no matter their price is.
If you got amp/dac - hd 6xx
if not then hd58x is almost sound the same like the hd 6xx if not better…and on a lower cost(because they sound like hd660s which is more expensive

That’s great news! I always am reluctant to recommend something so strongly since audio is subjective, so I’m glad it’s working out for you. Did you just get accustomed to the tips, or did you change them up? I own better iems, but I keep coming back to these. The sound isn’t perfect, but it’s really good for most genres I listen to, especially for the price. If it was a headphone, I would say it sounds like it costs twice the amount.

@upgrade, I haven’t heard the KZ ZSX, so I can’t really make a comparison. I think both options are very good, but if you go for the 6xx you will 100% need to invest in a DAC/Amp so there’s added cost there. I personally would want to go a step further and get a tube amp to get the most of it, so when you factor that in the JVCs are a much more affordable option. I don’t think they sound all that much alike, but both are very competent at what they are trying to do.

Hahah i’m buying the 6xx then, i’ll get an amp later. Is it still phenomenal to listen to without an amp dac, coming from no prior ‘good headphone audio’ experience? I’ll be amp-less for around 6 months to a year.

With no amp, it will sound thin and be tough to power off of a phone/onboard PC audio. Definitely would recommend the 58x in you case

Yeah @onaha i will invest in a dac/amp and tube amp at some point. I’m just giving myself room to grow if that makes sense. I’ll be getting a decent amp, a ‘better’ headphone than 58x, the 6xx, a dac down the line. Tube amp is on my list for sure. I just can’t get all at once.

But yeah, i was considering the cost. The jvc would be cheaper for me. But i don’t know what to expect really. Should i go headphone route or iem route. I’m picking headphone for now, but i don’t know if i’m making the right choice. Because this will cost a lot xD

they sound great on my LG V30 which have ESS quad dac.but they sound even better with my ifi nano black label portable amp/dac…the thing with sennheiser hd series is that they will scale the better your amp/dac is


Thanks for your counsel @JEFF_JEFF @Onaha

Ok so I largely agree with the sentiment here regarding the FDx1. They are hyper detailed at the risk of bring fatigueing, but they dont fully cross that line for me. No real issues with comfort. I will likely get a cable guide for over ear, but I like being able to wear them down as well.

The part I’m getting used to is these are cold sounding(lower mids and bass) compared to my neutral reference in EX800st, while treble detail is more aparent as a result. The 800 is still my benchmark, but I cant help but feel this driver is very capable and can be easily warmed up with minor eq.

With eq the sound very nicely envelops the stage and the sound is more correct to my ear/preference.

Eartips, while its hard to get final E tips on and off they do work well and help with punch, but it still lacks the warmth I crave. All types of spirals sound good as well as horn tips(slight vocal emphasis/shout). Xelastec work as well, but there is a slightly harsh transition into the treble for me.

Top earphones ranking:

  1. EX800ST- neutral reference
  2. FDX1- hyper detailed reference
  3. Starfield- relax and low volume
  4. OH10- stupid fun and modern music…all about the wub wub…

I find them to be quite enjoyable for casual listening when I switch on the bass boost on my FiiO K3 to be tbh honest

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