Drop + JVC HA-FDX1 vs BLON03?

They almost have the same tech like blon03 but they are 250$ i like to hear your guys opinion on these

Not really that similar, but imo the jvc is a large improvement over the blons, really worth trying out imo. I def like them alot, natural sound with great tonality and also a bit more fun sound

hey MON would the jvc fdx1 an upgrade to my ikko oh10? im planning to sell theeez

I would say so yeah

oh really…fugin zeos need to review the jvc asap lol

how is the treble of jvc? the treble of my ikko oh10 on some tracks almost hurt my teeth literally

It’s extended but smooth, pretty nice. It’s also fairly detailed as well

I own and love the JVC HA-FD01. I have the non-Drop version that I needed to mod myself. I went for the more “relaxed” mod, which basically means I used more gauze as a damper. Of the 3 included filters you get, you will get a reference and relaxed version, as well as one unmodded filter. The reference will have higher treble that I have seen some refer to as spiky, and the relaxed filter should smooth that further. The unmodded/stock filter is too much treble for my taste. I’m not treble sensitive, and I think these are some of the best iems I own, and many of those are significantly more expensive. The DD driver delivers a much more natural timbre to my ears than any BA iem I’ve owned. These are really great iems that I think are going to see a bit of a renaissance once word of mouth gets out.


I mostly prefer the relaxed filter with them, that’s what my impressions are based off of

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