Drop offering Minor Savings on Audeze LCD Line

Drop is offering minor savings on LCD series headphones.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but those are not great prices? XC for 1500? MX4 for 2600? It’s much cheaper elsewhere if I’m not loosing it


Makes the ache for an LCD-2 Classic hurt more but as @M0N mentioned, seems pretty easy to find better prices.


I see the LCD 2 Classic for $750.00 in US dollars. I see these regularly on sale in Canada for $899.00 in Canuck bucks.

Weird to see Audeze on Drop.

If this goes on through all of April, and it will, I wonder if May will have some Crazy deals? A lot of people will be hurting and sales will have to start dropping on “toys” as people start prioritizing their spending.

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I’ve actually been on a buying spree for electronics for desk 1 in the past few days that I haven’t mentioned on here until now lol. Some good deals to be had for sure (from physical dealers)

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I messed up. You have to add a base price of $750 at checkout.

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Store front retailers must be getting decimated! Online is probably doing fine for now, but when people start deferring mortgage payments, loan payments and possibly even credit card payments there will be no toy purchases.

I read that they are going to allocate twice as much money for this situation as they did for the 2008 bailout. That tells me that this will run for months. And that the business community and the government are scared shitless.

Lol nice one


Yeah, I had to fix it once I discovered the mistake I made. I didn’t want to falsely get people’s hopes up.

Sorry guys.


Yeah it’s getting bad, from the dealers that I talked to, the main concern is having to close physically, and they aren’t ready to go online for sales yet. From those who I bought from, they said they can ride it out but they would prefer not to, but they can most likely be ok from a month or two of no sales but it might cause them to sell online for real good prices. I would prefer if they stay open afterwords and don’t have any issues as I really like those guys, so I told them if you need to sell some stuff just hit me up and you might have an immediate buyer lol

No worries, it’s massdrops mediocre pricing not yours (I hate how they display their prices, real confusing)

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I got my own hopes up! :laughing:

I was getting crazy and was about to go get the MX4’s already…


The dealer that I am dealing with in Vancouver closed his store a while ago. They are just doing e-commerce. However he can’t even get inventory. He bought some open box headphones from HiFiman, but they have been stuck in Surrey (he is in Vancouver) for days. Apparently a lot of drivers have called in sick and it’s a mess. Vancouver has been hit hard. They have a LARGE Asian population with a ton of Chinese visiting every single day. While the borders are closed now, I think they will be diagnosing new cases for weeks and weeks to come.

This could easily run all summer, just different degrees, depending on where you live.


Looks like all but the 2C come with a travel case. A lot of times the lower prices I’ve seen don’t include that. The cases are pretty good, but you can usually save a couple hundred if you pick the version without (creator package? I forget what they call it)

I’m not in the market for a 4 right now, but that would be the one from this sale I’d consider

That’s true, but most people wouldn’t consider that case portable and alternatives could be had for less

Yeah. It’s a nice case, but if given the option I’d save the $500 every day. On Audeze’s official site the XC I bought are $1300 with a cardboard box, and $1800 for the travel case. That’s pretty obnoxious


Not sure how the trend is in Canada. Here in Ohio, the peak isn’t supposed to come until middle of April so I’m assuming Late May at the earliest will be when things start to turn around. Hopefully your govt has been more proactive in providing medical care workers the tools they need. That is one of the issues hampering the U.S. (besides stupidity, lol).

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Holy shit, I just read a story about Spain and it shocking. They went from four deaths as of March 8th to almost three a half thousand now. They mentioned their medical services are overwhelmed and understocked.

The bigger problem. IMO, is people acting stupid and not staying home. That is a lesson that Italy and Spain learned the hard way. The US and Canada should clamp down on EVERYTHING for April. Then in the first week of May see where we are.

I just read that the US has over 81,000 cases already. Yikes!!


MAssdrop brings this year not really good stuff i find.
Sometime a little but expensiv or overprice for the same Product.
Products who are 2-3-4 years old and nothing special today.
Nothing is new actually who can say yes is really good.

Where are the Massdrop from a few years ago who have say let try it make better?
And surprice suprice Fostex Tr x00 sennheiser Hd X great Phones,or same Headphone amps or Dac‘s who are really good.

At this time who is called only Drop,it give nothing for audiophile,:face_vomiting:.

Okay the Panda,nothing for me,the Turntable not bad maybe one day.

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It looks like Audeze were unaware of Drop selling the LCD line through their site: https://twitter.com/Audeze/status/1243683398939373570