Drop refunded me 100$ =D

I saw the Elex just went on sale for 600$, well i just bought them about a month or 2 ago for 700$ So i went to the support page to ask for a 100$ refund and today they just gave me one! :smiley:

Very cool


so that is a cool move
AS it was to start a AMP like the THX AAA 789 from scratch
as it was to build up a community around cheap audio stuff

And I read here and elswhere bashings going on
Yes the nearly 5 months from may drop to delivery for my 789 was hard - but I knew it!
But all of the people hating about drop…
Can’t understand the hate at all
Come down from your high thrones
Go to your highend dealers in the next capital citys
Get snobbed and whatever
Where did lots of people get the first “reference” type of hf from? The 6xx is still and stays a steal
The 4x/ 58x are a joke! under 150 was never a possibilty
In your face elitarism and good enough wins

I am since the late 90s in the audio business and Massdrop killed it. Sit here chilled in munich with a few pro dealers doing their thing for decades
I can rent anything and test it
Your without tax selling prices are insane
You get angry about 2-4 weeks shipping from Asia?- around the globe? Get yourself sorted
Of course there are NOW competitors in the market
But show some thanks over there in your US of A’s
Rant end


It’s the way they treat their customers in general. Sure they $100 back was a nice gesture, but overall their customer service and communications stink.

People are entitled to feel that way and bash who they want. That’s the beauty of free speech and capitalism - we can give our opinions and take our money elsewhere.

I mainly dislike the fact that massdrop uses FedEx because FedEx typically screws me over. Otherwise massdrop is great and any complaints I make about them are typically lighthearted and more poking fun

In Canada it’s a combo of DHL and Canada Post.

Once they actually ship they are fine. Had no issues with any of their products to date.

I get all my Drops by DHL in the office
our DHL driver “Chris”" calls me if I have to be there for payment issues

Yes there is the possibilty to order elswhere
Drop is called out for improvements- fair enough

Better Be protective to your investments
Nothing more reasonable

I would have no issues if FedEx had not actually damaged packages, typically have month delays, and even so far outright lost 3 of my packages and not even given me compensation for one.

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Fedex “declared” my product through UK customs once and then proclaimed they filed all the correct paper work in Ireland. Sure thing buddy…sure thing.

I still think they don’t declare anything, claim back VAT and import taxes from customers and keep the money.

Someone see my tinfoil hat?

I know, but on the flip side theres my Blon B20’s. They come from the returns department in gray plastic wrapping in a headphone case, no box no nothing. I didnt buy a open box item or a used item. Thats not Drop’s fault but when i contacted them wanting to return it they say they wont accept the return cause i need to take pictures of the wrapping it came in. Well i threw that away not thinking i would need it. by the time they got back to me it was gone. Ive written them twice and they say the same thing and wont accept a return.

The fact that we make fun of them is proof they’re important to us. If Massdrop didn’t offer any value we would never talk about them.

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Massdrop are great. They are so valueble. I’m amazed how they take headphones that have portential or are flawed and make them great. like the Koss 95x and others. And how they get together with the best manufacturers and put out their products much more cheaper like the Ether CX, half the price. I’m sure they are benefiting those companies. I think those companies have trouble with sales sometimes and Massdrop helps get word out and awarness. Then theres situations where they come out with their own products that kill, like the 789 amp. I dont know whos in charge there but the guy is a genius.

They’re special, like Disney or something. I’m used to getting products 2 days after i order them, but i find im willing to wait for massdrop.

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How did the sound of the Blon B20 compare to the Sendy Avia’s?

my blons came with aiva pads. i saw zeos video and the pads on his arent aiva’s. i’m wondering if the guy who had them before me put them on. their really cheap. so i dont know how the blons sound with the default pads. with these pads they sound just like the aivas, but a little less. not as good as the aivas, but very very close.