Drop + THX Panda Headphones for Music Production?

Hey there! I’m an aspiring musician and I am looking for some headphones that I can use while creating my music. I haven’t been able to find anywhere that discusses the music production aspect of these headphones yet, so I decided to make my own topic. Are the Drop + THX Panda headphones good for music production? what are the benefits/downsides?

most people here if not everyone here haven’t really tried the thing. so no one really knows on here. but there are plenty other headphones that are out that can fill that void very easily.

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They are on the heavy side (375 g) compared to AKG K-240 (226 g) or Sony MDR-7506 (230 g). Padding on the headband looks to be rather thin.

Can’t comment on sound or comfort, just going off the visuals and numbers here.

Wouldn’t be my first choice tbh but #MON

I mean, for 400$ or more you’ll pay for the headphones, the THX tech, the wireless tech, etc… No matter how much people say aptx-hd/LDAC is good, go wired – you’ll be sure you always have the best possible sound.

For 75 to 125$ there’s the new AKG K361/K371 – really “neutral”.
HD280 Pros (new model) are great too, apparently. And only 100$. Definitely neutral.
(The old model was lacking highs (above 10khz) and had zero soundstage.)
And if you really have a 400$ budget only for headphones, for 380$ there’s the DT177X.

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The old model was lacking highs (above 10khz) and had zero soundstage.