Drop THX Panda vs Sony WH1000XM3 for bass/sub-bass

The Sonys were the first “serious” headphones I bought and are what got me into this whole enthusiast space.
Since then I’ve bought the SHP9500, X2HR, and DT770 Pro.
The Sonys are still my go to bass heavy cans and the obvious choice for portable listening.

Now that the Pandas have had such good reviews I’m considering selling my sonys and getting the Pandas.

I don’t use the digital assistant at all so that feature won’t be missed, the noise cancelling is awesome on the Sonys but I don’t “need” it, it’s more of a nice to have for me as much as I do enjoy it.

Considering those points I feel like selling my sonys and picking up a pair of pandas might be a reasonable choice.

Although one point I would regret making the swap for, is if the pandas didn’t do bass and sub-bass as good as the Sonys, since I’m a bit of a bass head, if I was downgrading in terms of that boomy sub bass I’d be a bit dissapointed.

From all the reviews I’ve seen, not many people talk about the bass in particular, let alone compare them to the WH1000XM3s.

If anyone has had a chance to try both headphones yet and could share some insight, I’d highly appreciate your input.

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If you want to sacrifice what you already have and features like anc. I guess you can go for it but the pandas are planar and different sounding and is us massdrop’s first solo venture. I’m personally waiting for all the hype to die down and wait for all the problems that come out with every first few Batches of products


not solo.

Thx from what I hear was just licensing and the ability to use their amp tech. So when I say solo I mean their own headphone where they do all the tuning and manufacturing

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got ya. yeah who knows how it will turn out. they probably just pirated more tech from someone else again.

To address the original question, we have frequency response measurements for both headphones from reliable/competent sources (Crinacle and Oratory1990). The Sony show a 10 dB bass boost together with serious recession in the mids, upper mids and lower treble. The Panda show a 5 dB bass boost and more normal but still relaxed mids and upper mids with slight peaks in the lower treble at 6.5 and 9 kHz.

This just tells us about relative loudnesses, not about slam/impact.

Thanks, at least with that info it’s probably safe to assume the bass won’t hit as hard?

But being that it’s such a miniscule difference it’s probably something I’d have to try for myself