Drop Warehouse Sale

I got an email from Drop that they are having a warehouse sale and was able to pick up a pair of Hifiman 4xx for $130. They have a LaFigaro Tube Amp for $450 that annoys me as I am still waiting for the one I paid $600 for to arrive. Not sure if these are open box (EDIT: Says all items are unopened and unused), and none of the other audio links jumped out at me, but here is the link if anyone is interested:

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damn…really tempted to grab another pair of HE-4xx. my first went missing in our move…so not sure if I have them or don’t, LoL.

This seems US only… sucks


and you would be right. :frowning:

It was a different storefront and I had to pay with paypal, but I didn’t notice US only. I’d planned on giving a pair of 58x to my sister for Christmas, but she is getting the 4xx instead now.

I’m curious if 4XX is done now. Seems weird they would sell them like this

ugh Now I have to buy the He-4xx.lol

You’ll be happy with it. Do it! Haha

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Order has been placed :grin:

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Think you won’t be disappointed lol

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I don’t know if this signifies they are moving on from the 4xx necessarily. As someone who works in national distribution, it’s amazing what our warehouse crew finds buried in storage sometimes, and I think this is all this sale is about. I’m thinking it’s old stock that they wrote off as lost, and that’s why the sales didn’t go through Drop itself, but rather Massdrop. They maybe used a different inventory system before the switch over, and clearing out the old stock this way is just easiest

I would be very surprised if they discontinued the 4xx as it has been very successful, and the fact that for 2019 hifiman decided to update and fix the headband on the 400i to add strength to the headband on new models, even though the 400i has been superseded by the sundara. The 400i is an actual affordable hifiman that hifiman has been wanting in their lineup, and having not really had a good, affordable, and somewhat practical planar headphone in their lineup for a while, they probably want to keep that space in the market

Super tempted to try and grab a second 4xx. Got mine second hand and have an issue with one of the screws where the headband attaches to one of the ear pieces

anyone in the US up to buying these for me? I’ll reimburse you that plus shipping to my address in Canuckistan.