Drop's Loot Box

Drop’s “bounty” box which operates like a real-life loot box is available. They have a PDF of what will be available for each box. I almost pulled the trigger, I came close, but I know I’ll end up with a bunch of stuff I don’t need or want, even with paying extra for an audiohile package.

Does anything think this is actually a good deal? (Not expecting to get a lucky with an upgrade)

At first I thought everything in the box was going to be from the audiophile category. That would make it worth it, but the risk of getting 3 things I’ll never use just seems too much

Easily one of the most idiotic ways to burn money I’ve ever seen. Maybe donate to charity or something?

If you spend $250 (+$10), you have a 1/40 chance to get the Hifiman Edition XX… Did Zeos release a review on Patreon for that thing yet? I’ve haven’t seen good reviews for it. Anyway I won’t be getting this box. However if you don’t like what you get, you can return it for a 25% fee.

No company that has the goal of making money will release a product that has the potential to lose them money or to only break even. They will always be making enough money to cover the cost + plus time + effort + extra (15-30%) for profit margin.
So a good deal…sure…if you are one lucky son of a bitch.

The real question is how are they doing their randomness and what controls are in place to ensure that they don’t pull a fast one and scam it a bit.

For randomness they have two options really. First option is they do it manually. Say every 40th order of the standard they just pick the next upgrade box in the line.
That would be pseudo random since they know who is getting what and randomness is only down to when an order comes in.
True random would mean using a random generator like random.org to check if someone is a winner for every order. While this is more random technically. There is a chance that the stated ratio chances listed on the site might not actually work out. The odds could be slightly better or slightly worse or anything in between.

Another problem comes in with the number of orders. If the number of orders are not divisible by the odds they set. Then you have a problem.

Will be interesting to see how this goes.
I won’t be buying one not only because I just wouldn’t. But because Drop ships nothing to South Africa, so whatever.

Just gonna sit back and see if a shitstorm happens.

Loot boxes in real life, what a time to be alive

Can’t wait for the Walmart loot box where we have to buy loot boxes in order to eat