Drum & Bass Corner

Welcome to the Drum & Bass Corner.

Whether you like to exercise, need to focus at work, just need the music to get your brain going in the morning/afternoon/evening; Drum & Bass might be the music for you!

This thread is dedicated to sharing and discussing your favorite tracks old, new or upcoming. Any discussion about different artists, where the genre is going, upcoming events, etc. is also welcome.

So to start things off, personally I’m a big fan of the genre and it covers a solid 80% of the music I listen to. I’ve been working on a Drum & Bass playlist on Spotify for myself for over a year which you can find here to get you started if you are new or looking for new songs for your playlists: LINK

A song I’ve had on repeat for the past few days is Wilkinson - All For You (ft. Karen Harding). I love the vocals and the upbeat, louder chorus.


https://open.spotify.com/track/5lRs3Qdq41k00AWEw4w61O?si=cgGuB2J_Tbu_vBeL2AhMMg love this new track by polaris

Concord Dawn - Say Your Words … very impressive female vocals …would like listen to this with a pair of IEM´s :star_struck:

Lowend goes always deep with him :heart_eyes:
my favorite is still “Lesson learned”

A Drum and Bass Topic is nice! I´m more on the Jungle/Techstep side of things, but i love everything that is about Drums and Bass! DnB changed my life in many ways and got me into headphones and audio. I love the type of sounds that are used in DnB, the energy, the production Quality and i love the Amenbreak :smiley:
Im listening to DnB since i was in 5th Class, the first track that i´ve heard was this:

Now im mostly lost in artists like Technical Itch.

https://dnbradio.com/ got you covered :blush:

Don’t listen to too much D&B since I stop raving a long time ago.

Here is a classic for you.

Also was big into Dieselboy.

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Time to get your feet moving.:man_dancing:

wow was searching for something else and came across this old thread. probably my favorite genre, and liquid is my prefered sub, but I’ll listen to any good dnb! here’s some stuff i like both new and old

hope this guy comes out with something new in the future

This thread needs more love!

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Ok. I’m more on the oldschool side of things :smiley:

Or things like this

But in the end I love the drums and the bass

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DnB branched a lot over its existance. In the earlier stuff, you have focus on bass, the newer is more bass and harsh electronic sound.

Yeah you are right. Have made my way through the whole genre…but in the end, I love the jungle roots the most.
But the whole thing is very addictive music :exploding_head:

Just found this corner, excited to listen to everything in this thread, thanks for posting them! :slight_smile:

Here’s one mix I used to listen to a lot:

These aren’t specific music recommendations, but I think they’re appropriate here. Here’s music producer Rick Beato talking first about some of the history of recording drums and then about some various techniques to change drum sounds in recordings. Overall Beato’s channel has helped me appreciate music all the more. I highly recommend it.