DSD Help. Having some issue's

If anyone can point me in the right direction to possibly download some sample DSD files that would be great.

I’ve been trying to sample some DSD song’s with my gear cause I’ve yet to hear a song in this format but I’m having issues. Files I have are DSD but the file are .dsf my source player for all my music is a Fiio X5 3rd gen DAP through the line/coax out into the coax line of my RME adi-2dac then into the Topping A90 via balanced XLR.

I believe I have everything set right yet when I play a DSD track the song plays back in super slow mo. I don’t understand what the issue is. If I were to guess I’m assuming it’s something with the X5 or a setting in the X5. Perhaps I can try the track on my laptop with foobar2000 through the RME USB. Not sure if I need to download a special plug-in for foobar2000. Gonna try this now. If anyone can help me further I would greatly appreciate it.

Seems like a lot of work just to try out the DSD format.

Thank you all in advance! Best community ever!

Maybe you can try the starter pack from the Native DSD website

Here are some of my go to web stores for DSD albums:

And for the rest… Sorry I don’t have any experience with DSD on coax. Hopefully the others can help you with the problem.

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