DT 1990 connectors and tiny cable crimping

I’m looking to balance mod a DT 1990. I think I may be able to do it non-destructively by making a drop in replacement 4 pin mini-xlr connector that can use the existing headers on the drivers and overhead cable (Female connector for the left channel, cable mounted header for connection to right).

I think I’ve found the correct connector series:

501193-8000 Molex | Mouser Australia
501330-0300 Molex | Mouser Australia
203558-0307 Molex | Mouser Australia or 203556-0307 Molex | Mouser Australia
RT4MP REAN | Mouser Australia

I’ve never dealt with crimping really small connectors, and the Molex brand crimp tool is hideously expensive.

Assuming the parts are suitable:

  • Any recommendations for a an appropriate crimping tool (ENGINEER PA-09 ?)
  • Anything in particular to be mindful of when doing small crimping?
  • Any advice for soldering from a wire to the SMD contacts for the cable mounted header (and how to best reinforce the joint)?