DT 1990 dac/amp

Hello i have the DT 1990 so now im looking for dac amp, ive read on the forums and some reviews and have a couple options on mind, now im hoping to get some help and narrow it down to a pair
-the ones im thinking of are the liquid spark and would be the e30 a good pair with that?
-the L30 + e30

And last would the asgard be a big step up from those other amps? i mostly game, 2nd movies and music.

thank you.

A liquid spark with the e30 or earmen donald dac is a great budget pairing imo, would be solid. For the 1990 I would prefer the liquid spark over the L30

I would say an asgard 3 would be a worthwhile jump forward in performance, it’s going to be more neutral with a bit of warmth and smoothness, better spatial recreation and detail, along with more organic timbre and sound overall

awesome thank you, what about dac for asgard? e30 would do or should i also get something better?

For now I would stick with the e30 here imo, although if you wanted to you could spend a bit more and get a schiit modius if you want a bit of a sound quality upgrade and a nice stack