(DT 1990) Looking to upgrade "endgame" (Gaming & Music), help/knowledge welcomed

Hello, so this is what my current situation is.

I currently own the DT 1990 and have been very happy, But looking to upgrade to a “Endgame Can”.

Things I like:
Open-back, detail, imaging, velour memory foam pads and of course build is :heart_eyes:.

Things I dislike:
No dual-headband design, (Clamp is too tight for me even after loosen the screws and stretching the headphones over some books).
Also I found that I got fatigued from the highs they’re just abit much for me when listening to music, for games it seems to be fine.

Other then that the main reason is the comfort they’re very comfortable don’t get me wrong, but I recently got a new pair of glasses.
This new pair is leaving red indents behind my ears it’s gotten to the point I can’t where my glasses and 1990’s for longer then 30mins without really feeling it.

I still love my 1990’s but I was planning on upgrading my headphones anyway so this is sorta the last little push I needed. :sweat_smile:

(Current audio setup).

Headphones: DT 1990 (Main) & Fostex T50RP Mk. III - Version 3 (Bass Model). :sweat_smile:
AMP/DAC: Mayflower Electronics O2 ODAC

(Upgraded audio setup).
(Will be getting around December when I can go pick the equipment up). :no_mouth:

Headphones: (Hopefully you helpful souls enlightened me).
AMP: (Massdrop x THX AAA™ 789).
Connection: (XLR PYST 9").

So I’ve been looking at a couple of option’s but I’m not 100% on any atm.
Which is why I come here for help.

Option’s I’ve been thinking of:

  1. Audeze LCD X - (Music/Gaming).
  2. Sennheiser HD 800S - (Gaming).
  3. Hifiman Arya - (Music).

What I’m looking for:

(I’m thinking I may get two separate pairs).
(One for competitive gaming & another for music/casual-fun).

(Competitive gaming headphones).

  1. Open-back: (Is a must I’ve become very acustom to open cans of the years).
  2. Detail/Imaging/separation: (Same if not more resolving over my DT 1990).
  3. Sound-stage: (Something that pairs well with the imaging so I can pinpoint my opponents).
  4. Comfort: (MUST be able to be worn with glasses without fatigue). (Long play sessions) (Good airflow keep my ears cool). (relaxed clamping). (Dual-headband design highly preferred). (Lightweight).
  5. Sound: (footsteps crispy) :thinking:

(Music, media & casual fun/relaxing headphones).

  1. Open-back: (It’s a must I really do like the way open cans sound/feel).
  2. Detail/Imaging/separation: (I do love the detail from my DT 1990 so I guess the same If not better).
  3. Sound-stage: (Same If not greater).
  4. Comfort: (Needs to be able to be worn with glasses without fatigue). (Prefer a dual-headband design). (Not much clamp If at least not as much as my DT 1990).
  5. Sound: (I’m looking for something like my DT 1990 but with less harsh highs and abit more bass maybe a warmer tint I’m not sure tbh).

Thank you very much for you help, options & knowledge much appreciated. Have a gd/gn. :upside_down_face:

PS: Sorry for the poor formatting I’m not good with forms. :worried:

I´m in the same situation after getting the Focal Elegia a few weeks ago, I will sell my 660s and 1990s
use 1990s with A Pads and now will compare Ananda(know it yet), Arya, ZMF Aoelus and Auteur

sounds like Auteur could be your thing.
You can bend the headband and try different pads for comfort with your glasses
have a look a the youtube reviews by resolve and monsterzero(head karma) - highly recommended

800s is not a one solution for all music hf
LCD X has no stage

Thank you very much for your response.
I will make sure I check out the Auteur, thank you for your recommendation & help. Have a nice day. :wink:

your welcome DPz


I have booked 4 days in Heidelberg with my wife and have a 4hour slot with her at this session: https://headphonecompany.com/headphone-camp-vol-1/

later a bit beer and fingerfood… smalltalk with a few nerds and dinner :wink:

:open_mouth: Jelly. Looks like a bunch of fun I hope you and your wife have a wonderful time. :smiley: hfhf Enjoy. :wink:

hope she is patient enough - I will have fun, no doubt :slight_smile:

already know most stuff - so will concentrate on ZMF and Hifiman, because both are not easy to get hands on in munich at my usual dealers

will take with me my music +ifi xDSD as DAC + THX AAA 789 + balanced cables for the Hifiman - hope they have some balanced ones for the ZMFs

What did you end up getting? Not many answers here unfortunately! I’m asking the same questions to myself as you did :slight_smile:

I still wait for my first audition of the ZMF’s

Have you tried the Beyerdynamic T1?