DT 1990 Pro + Archel 2.5 Pro VS Schiit Asgard 3

Hello guys
My fifth topic about choosing new headphones + AMP replacement.
Thank you for making me see reason before jumping from 150$ headphones to more expensive and purchasing 1500$ headphones. It may be something I will do in future but for now it would be best to upgrade my DT 990 Edition to DT 1990 Pro (as an improved version of DT 990).
I read opinions that DT 1990 Pro improve everything, even the treble. Vocals and instrumental music is clean.
Something I cannot yet decide is an AMP. Many people advice to pair DT 1990 Pro with Schiit Asgard 3 over many other AMPs. But not much is said about Geshelli Labs Archel 2.5 Pro (or comparison to Asgard 3).
I have to notice that I already have Geshelli Labs Enog 2 DAC.
I will be grateful for either links (I could not find anything useful) or just a simple comparison of these AMPs as I am quite new in all this.
Will be buying one of these 2 AMPs but which one I have no idea.
Thank you for all your answers and patience :slight_smile:

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The asgard 3 is gonna provide some warmth to quell the highs of the dt1990. The archel isnt going to do that, but it will be a touch more detailed than the a3. I think the a3 would provide a more fun experience than the 2.5 if thats what you would prefer. The enog2 will pair great with both, so no worries there. It would just depend on your preference what amp you would like. My reccomendation would be the a3

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We should probably try to keep this at one topic and relabel the topic for your help and have a conversation accordingly talking about seperate setups as we go.


eh? I wouldn’t say everything. I liked ethereal highs and how the headphone presented itself on the 990s and the 1990s are a different headphone in general. Granted yes I feel mids are better as they aren’t so recessed on 1990.

I brought up archel because it goes with your current dac as the finished stack. Nothing wrong with archel its rather clean and detailed quite nice and well rounded in my opinion. However, if we are going strictly off the 1990 or a brighter headphone like the 990 I think there’s no real competition here as the archel does not tame the highs while the asgard does much like the liquid spark or in some cases ifi amps. Asgard 3 will provide more fun, more color, better spatial recreation, and is still plenty detailed, has a slight warmth to it. Enog 2 works well with both it’s not going to ruin the sound. Grab the asgard

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Here comes @Falenkor right back at it, repeating everything i just said. Sorry if this comes off as aggressive, but this happens a lot mr/miss @Falenkor

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That’s a bit uncalled for. It’s a thread and If repeat you it’s of course my own opinion and it simply means we agree with each other here. Also, it’s Mr

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I dont feel its uncalled for, since it happens a lot, not just with me. Atleast mirror/quote the previous posters comments in your assessments please. Especially when you almost copy word for word what someone says.

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If I am not copying you then I will not quote you as I am using my own words. It just happens to be in tune with your own. There is other times where I will simply state I agree with someone or quote them. Let’s not derail the thread thank you.

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I’ve said all I needed to say man. A3 is gonna be the reccomended amp with the 1990 per @Bmn1251 and @Falenkor


Neen thru 20+ amps in the last year…I would vote for the Asgard 3 for sure…no questions asked.



I have decided to buy Schiit Asgard 3
I hope it will be as good as you describe :slight_smile:
Thank you and have a good day :slight_smile:


Need some more help :slight_smile:
Trying to order Asgard 3 I have to clarify the technical data:
Module: No module / AK4490 DAC / True Multibit DAC
Which one should I choose?? I suppose no module as I have an external DAC??

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You already have a dac so no module.

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If you have a good external dac to connect to you pc then your good to go with the basic unit.

PC----->Dac-------> Asgard 3.

Make sure you have the cables to connect all the stuff!!

Great Choice!


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Shipping cost to EU = half price of AMP itself :smiley:

Hmmm, what about a lake people g103s?

Can MOBO cause audio gear die? I have AB350 Gaming 3 and my Liquid Spark AMP died after 3 months (electric short cirquit) and now I hear distortions in right headphone (DT 990 Edition)
After turning right headphone around it is allright again…
A bit scary to plug in more expensive gear

@Kasenumi No, not to my knowledge. The only thing that may kill it is if you have the setup connected without a surge protector and your home gets surged it may bust the unit like that. In that case its either the amp is defective or that headphone. Haven’t had any issues on my end with my 990s or spark for that matter. If you have any return policy or warranty I would go down that route… Spark is a fantastic amp for sure if you can just have that one repaired than I wouldn’t say to worry all too much about an upgrade right now and just grab the 1990 save yourself some money otherwise you could sell the spark to make some back.

I just picked up an aune x7s and it literally broke within 24 hours so these things do happen. It’s just a bad egg is all. My unit literaly won’t power on or anything so I gotta send it back.

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just feels strange that the problem is with 2 audio things happened within 1 month. With Liquid Spark it started the same way - barely noticable distortion in the right headphone.