Dt 1990 pro / dac , amp

Hello there.
I want buy Headphones DT 1990 PRO 250 Ohm and i need advice around Amplifier and DAC.
Can somebody help me which amp and dac i would buy?
I find this AMP… https://www.thomann.de/gb/lake_people_g111_black_phoneamp.htm
And this DAC… https://www.project-audio.com/en/product/dac-box-s2/
Its good combo?
I dont need connect Studio Monitors i want just this headphones and make some music with good sound quality.
sorry for my english i am from different country
Thanks for your answers

The g111 is a pretty good amp, and would work very nicely with the dt1990 pro, it might be on the brighter neutral side of things but I think it is still a very nice pairing imo.

Dac wise, the dac box s2 is nice although that combined with the lake people might be a bit bright, personally I also think it’s not as good of a value. For the dac, can you get a topping e30 for the dac?


I see the rnhp too on that site for 50 more pounds. Either way, g111/rnhp+e30 should be great.

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On the subject of e30, what do you think about the new l30 amp?

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What you mean Bright?
And the DAC (topping e30) its better choice?

please this two inputs on backside is for what? for speaker?

The rnhp is a very good pick with the 1990 imo

I haven’t heard it yet, looks interesting, personally wasn’t a fan of the a90 that much (see a90 thread for some smaller impressions), but if the l30 can offer almost similar performance I think it will be a very good deal imo

The dt1990 has elevated treble and can be harsh or fatiguing for some, the lake people will be very revealing and make it so if you play music with harsh treble it will come through very clearly. The mentioned rupert neve rnhp does a better job at avoiding this while maintain detail, but lacks some low end impact and width compared to the g111. So I think if you were concerned about fatigue or elevated treble that could potentially get harsh, the rnhp is a better pick than the g111, but if you are not concerned about that the g111 is a very nice amp that should not disappoint imo

I think the project is a slightly better dac, but you are paying more than you would have to to get a good dac imo. The project would be just fine, I just think you can save a bit and get a slightly smoother sounding signature with the topping e30

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Those are for xlr balanced inputs, you would not be using those unless you got a balanced amplifier

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hmmm… what is a balanced amplifier?

so rnhp or lake people? i really dont know i am totally new in this … i just want good dac + amp and dt1990 pro for making music

I’ll let someone else explain that one, since it would be rather technical and I don’t know if I could properly explain it while making it more simple. To use the rnhp you would just use the rca inputs and not worry about the balanced inputs on the rnhp unless you get a balanced dac later on

Both are good, I think if you want something that will give you a more natrual sound the rnhp would win there, but if you wanted something that would give you a more impactful and spacious sound the g111 would be a very good amp. Both are also very suitable as studio amps and good for making music


You are expert , and really thank you for your professional answers :slight_smile:

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so who would you choose personally? or some other?

Personally I would go with the rnhp as it helps make the 1990 sound more natural in timbre and presentation, which the 1990 is not the best at imo

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okay … and the DAC … can you find some good dac for me? or the e30 is better way for me?

and i need buy RCA cable? or when i buy RNHP rca will be in package?

If you could use optical I would suggest the enog 2 pro dac but that is most likely not an option where you are. The topping d70 is good but is somewhat expensive so it might not be worthwhile. For now I think the e30 is quite good, I think there is a performance gap between 200usd and 700usd, I think that it is worth while to save for the higher tier of dac later on.

You would want to grab a short rca cable to connect the two, the rnhp will not include this

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okay and can you reccomend me some Rca cable?

I don’t exactly know where you can buy them, but ideally you would want short rca cables, under .5meters or 1.5feet, just something short. Any decent quality rca cable will work. Looking on thomann there are some quality rca cables there but they are expensive

These are nice but somewhat expensive, although you are getting a quality cable, but I think if you could buy a rca cable elsewhere that might be preferable. Are you in the UK?

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Thank you… no i am from slovakia .,. i probably will buy of thomman shop … so i must find some dac of thomann or somewhere … because shipping