DT 1990 PRO vs HiFiMan Ananda for Valorant

I really can’t decide between the two, my main game is valorant and I will listen to music too but about 20 %, which one should I choose? Which one is the best for hearing footsteps and everything? I can get the ananda for the same price as the DT 1990 PRO.

Should I use an amp and if yes which one? Thank you

I use 1990 for Valorant daily, it’s excellent. Good placement, very clear, not to bassy. Can’t really speak to ananda though.

I would suggest an amp for 1990, I think the schiit fulla will drive it fine. I wouldn’t say it’s required though, you should be ok off your system audio.

huge extrapolation from the cheaper 990 and the 4xx I prefer the 990 to the 4xx for valorant and I prefer the 1990 over the sundara for most games except call of duty. I think I would probably expect to also like the 1990 over the ananda as the imaging prowess isnt really too different form the sundara to the 4xx I dont expect the anada to be much better in regards to imaging and soundstage performance.
I have yet to try the ananda but I tend to prefer beyerdynamic over most for most games.

For purely gaming get the 1990. I found the Ananda to be quite disorienting in games.

Do you think the Atom AMP would be perfect for gaming ?

Yea definitely, Atom amp would drive the 1990s very well.

Any of the $100 amps (Magni, Atom, Liquid Spark) are fine for 95% of the headphones commonly used for gaming.

Do you guys think it would be a good idea to change the analytical pad for the Dekoni elite velour pads? Would I gain any benefits by doing this?

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the elite velour does fine on the 1990 … marginal changes bit more soundstage less on the treble overall more balanced.

what about dac, do you need it?

I will not use an external DAC because I read somewhere that it gives a short delay, it’s mostly for competitive gaming so I need it as clear as possible

So in that case a better DAC is what you want. A short delay? As in, undetectably minute? Everything has a delay, really, probably most noteably your GPU, CPU, monitor, and mouse above all else.

I do get quite tired of seeing this and people keep asking me about dac delays… some clarifications:

@Hiimmoody to clarify on this as a fellow gamer, yes there is a delay with dacs, no it will not interfere with your game, anybody who claims they can tell the difference is more than likely extremely full of themselves, the delay is usually around 3-5 milliseconds which is audibly undetectable in just about any scenario unless your messing with more intricate details such as in music or other designer methods, natural human reaction times are 0.2 seconds - 0.15 seconds making this an extremely moot point, you should be more wary on your monitor than a dac as your monitor can have delays up to over 100 ms and actually delay everything you see and hear on screen.

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I’ve never heard of or thought of that myself before, but I guess it makes sense, having to travel through a USB cable first(that’s hopefully not 100 feet long). Where are people posting the test benchmark data for this…? It’s not even a thing covered in DAC reviews @ audiosciencereview or SBAF that I’m aware of. Bottom line is - a better DAC is the only way to better audio, in-game or otherwise, to hear enemies, soundstage, distance, treble, etc, better and more clearly & accurately.

its something thats been floating around and those that have done tests, I believe theres youtube vids on this actually usually stating something like “this is why you shouldnt use dacs for gaming” or something, have shown there is indeed a small delay going through dacs… though whether its specific dacs is unknown… theres far to many variables really.

bottom line is that dacs will make your audio better and clearer… it helps in many cases… the trade off is a few milliseconds of delay…

the delay is by no means a big deal and should be disregarded a few milliseconds isn’t going to determine a single thing

If I recall, I answered another post with these remarks over delay and there was some vids posted about it with some guys mentioning this… cant find it though was buried

the only time you really notice delay of extremely small portions is like… picture perfect timing rhythm games and other scenarios where it has to be 100% perfection. Example: osu! will show this delay in some cases

However, as I said earlier… the change is so barely noticeable its not even worth mentioning and pcs can give off a static or fuzz to the sound in the forms of distortion without a dac in place. The main contributor to delay is your monitor… especially if your using TV’s as your gaming monitor as those can get all the way up above 200 ms of delay

Huh… Well, I bet if you use certain filtering, or multiple filters, that would add SLIGHT delay to the output, though I’ve never seen proof of what it even might be. Maybe DACs with weak chips struggle with certain filters, and slow down SLIGHTLY. I would assume there is literally no lag through the cable, at least with optical. I know that using EQ definitely can add noticeable delay, however.

Yeah, I am not quite sure what causes it… really don’t care much to look into it though. Love my setup and will still tell people they should follow suit and get more out of their games…

Some Detective you are, huh! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: There’s probably a much bigger difference in delay if you missed an hour of sleep, or didn’t eat breakfast, than whatever the DAC is doing.