DT - 1990s - AMP?

Hey all, first time here and I need some expertise.

I am looking for a good set up for my new 1990s.
I was looking at the AI-1 amp from Rhode but I have read some conflicting things, like it will power them but I won’t get great quality.

I want the best sound I can from the headphones.
They will be used on PC only.
They are needed for all types of games, music, discord etc

I’m guessing I will also need a mixamp or interface aswell… I’m pretty new to this side of things

Thanks for your time and suggestions

What is your budget?
What type of microphone are you planning on using?

@givemebeer honestly don’t know yet, if its going to make a huge difference then whatever it needs to be haha

I havnt sourced a mic yet but I’m on the case

What do you want to do?

For example: Computer and Phone audio mixed to headphones and a microphone input to the computer.

To be honest, I have found that the DT1990 are the least amp dependent headphones I own.

As long as they are getting decent power and quality, they always seem to sound the same, independent of which amp I am using.

Sorry for the confusion and thank you for the answers.

So - I have the 1990s, I now just need a way of connecting them to my PC and only my PC without compromising their audio too much.

I will need to introduce a microphone somewhere in this equation, I’m guessing software and if possible some physical way of adjusting headphone inputs; like my A50’s conveniently let me separate discord audio and game audio with its dials.

I’m looking at a E30 and L30 stack from toppings. This is in no way an informed choice, and I don’t know how to integrate a microphone into it.

Sorry but I’m like, new born to this field.

Chiming in, I use 1990s as my daily drivers. They’re a great pick, if you need a mic you could go a few ways. If you have a boom or table top mic like a snowball or something then that could just be a USB driven thing, and not need to get tied into the audio chain of the headphones.

If you’d like a mic on your headphones, I recommend something like the Schiit Hel (which is a good enough amp/dac, and has a mic input) then you could use a mic attachment or a custom cable with an inline mic.

The DT1990s aren’t hard to drive, so i wouldn’t worry about the amp too much. They’ll sound better the more sophisticated you get with gear but you’ll do fine on a combo like the Hel.

This seems very affordable. I will look into this, are there any obvious compromises?

My friend (and me) are trying to understand if something like the A1’s cover the power range, what is it about them that make people negate them as a choice.

I don’t know what the power output of the Rode AI-1 audio interface is. I use an Audient ID-14 audio interface (maybe they have similar power outputs?). When I connect my DT-1990’s or DT-880’s (both 300ohm), I have to turn it almost all the way up for it to be a decent volume. As a result, I use the ID-14 for my microphone input, but I have sound routed through a Topping D70 and RebelAmp. I only use the headphone jack on the ID-14 when monitoring music recordings.