DT 770 PRO 250 Ohm or ATH-M50x?

I need help looking for a closed-back headphone for mainly music and casual gaming. I currently have a Topping D30 dac and JDS Labs Atom amp to run my HD58x. After some digging I found the DT 770 250ohm and ATH M50X are great for the price (also often on sale for cheaper). Other than those feel free to recommend any headphone around $180 or cheaper.

A little about my past experience:
I’ve had a HyperX Cloud II before but it wasn’t up to par once I bought the HD58X and the surround sound wasn’t working for me or worked as well as the Razer Kraken I tried. The Kraken surround for gaming was very convincing in game but the sound quality is terrible, much worse than the Cloud II. Nonetheless these gaming advertised headphones didn’t do enough after the HD58X and I need some new closed-back pair.

The M50X don’t get the best respect from the hifiguides community so probably the beyerdynamics

As M40x owner who had DT-series headphones on loan, get the beyers.
Yes, soundsignature is different and all, the comfort on the beyers is just way better than it is one the AudioTechnias.

Unless you have a headphone amp, you may need to get one to properly drive the 770s

I think you may be mixing up the Virtual Surround you get in a gaming headset in comparison to that of say the 58x which has that surrounding soundstage because its an open back. To be perfectly transparent on this fact that you definitely won’t get that full experience like you will with a 58x despite the 770 being decently wide. Most gamers headsets are pretty poor for pin pointing sounds and having a surround sound signature to them. MH751 is a slight cheap exception to this rule among a few others. If you want to add a more “surround sound” to your 58x look into Dolby Atmos or Hesuvi. Both work well. Most gamers headsets will use a virtual surround sound to emulate that experience… but at the cost of just making it sound awful.

With this setup you should be able to run a 250 ohm dt 770 without issues.

The beyer lineup is good if the person is looking for a Bright and in some cases V signature in their sound. All of them are extremely comfortable but it’s quite the personal preference and will definitely sound different to a 58x since that is a more balanced headphone. DT 770s are pretty bright with a good size soundstage despite being a closed back however to some peoples ears they can be viewed very sibilant so it’s not for everyone. However, M50x I would definitely tell you to skip immediately as you would be better off with an m40x or m60x just be sure to buy replacement pads as the pads that come with it are on ear and tiny not the best for gamers. They aren’t bad by any means and will come down to preference. M40x after a pad swap are surprisingly decent with good bass, still portable, fairly good soundstage its a pretty decent all rounder but I think the pad swap there is gonna put you out of budget.

Here are some guides that go based on sound descriptions and budget you may find useful.

Hope that helps! If you have further questions, feel free to chime in. Those guides will cover most of what would be recommended.

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Guess I’ll buy the DT 770 250 ohm. Thanks.

I own both the M50X and DT770 80 ohm. They both sound similar. Differences being that the DT770 has a little more impactful bass and a wider soundstage. But I do like that the M50X brings instruments a little closer and has a removable cable. Between the two, I tend to lean towards the DT770, but would be happy with ether.

I don’t know about the M50x, but my DT770s have great sound isolation, if that’s a plus. It was for me. I think I could wear them at a shooting range and be fine. They are V but not overly bright; I found the 880s, in countrast, a tad too bright. I’ve stopped using my 770s because they pale in comparison to my HD650s, but I still respect them and will put them on when I need to shut the world out…like when my kids are running amok now that I’m working from home.