DT 770 PRO (80 or 250) w/ the M-Audio M-track solo

I am wanting to get a version of the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO (80’s or 250’s)…
but I don’t want to buy a Headphone DAC/AMP… with that said…

The M-audio M-track Solo has; 60mW/Ch at 32 ohms.
The DT 770 PRO requires; 100mW at the respective 80/250 ohms.

I read somewhere that the headphones should be 8x the ohms as the headphone amp. For example, 32 ohms x8 = 256. So I think the DT 770 PRO 250 should run well(or satisfactorily) with the M-Track Solo Headphone AMP, pushing 60 mW/Ch at 32 ohms.
(my question is will the volume be usable for studio mixing and tracking)

Or… should I go with the DT 770 PRO 80 because the 60mW is significantly lower than the 100mW required for optimal performance with the 80 ohm headphones. My theory is that the lower ohms(80) will require less power (60mW) that the M-Track Solo supplies.

Thanks for your feedback and expertise in advance!

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That is power into that impedance.

AFAIK That is maximum power the headphone can handle. Meaning extended periods exceeding 100mW will damage the headphone.

While not optimal, it will likely be fine.


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With 80 ohm it will be enough but not enough.
The headphones will probably still be quiet when you have them fully turned up.

The whole thing is a bit suboptimal.
You can try it and see if it’s enough for you.
Otherwise, you could use the main output of your M-audio M-track Solo, if it’s not busy, to go to a headphone amp via Rca that would have more power.
Something like a Schiit Magni or Herasy if available should be enough.

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I remembered the power requirement for the 80ohm was slightly less than the 250ohm, but not by much. The extra bass from the 80ohm requires juice.

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Thank you so much for the response…
I figured this was the case, but I was holding hope it was near optimal.
For $150, I want it to be a good choice, not “likely fine” :upside_down_face:

Thank you so much for the response…
Suboptimal was what I was expecting to hear… :unamused:
I have a DOD SR 460H (SPEC LINK), but I’m worried its so old it may introduce more noise rather than power to produce more clarity.

I think I may be better served by a 32 ohm headphone… should I stop being so focused on the DT 770 PRO (32, 80, 250), and looks at another consumer/semipro headphone, such as the; AUDIO-TECHNICA ATH-M40x / ATH-M50x?

For the 32 ohm it would be enough.
As I said, if the preamp output on the Solo is unused, you could connect a headphone amplifier to the input there that is more powerful and then the issue is also settled.
You can still use the functions of the Solo if it is indispensable for you.
Otherwise you take something that harmonises better with the Solo.

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Not a fan of Audio-Technica. Maybe the MMX300 2nd gen which is 32ohms. The price might be a deal-breaker.

80 sounds the best but still needs an amp imo, just get the k371