DT 880 600 ohm or Tygr 300r

Thought I would just let you guys know where I ended up at. The journey has been interesting. I do enjoy the 1990s with Dekoni elite velours. However, I wanted more. I ended up getting the HD 800s and I am completely blown away. Running it through my Asgard 3 and Fulla 3 (as DAC). Very impressed. Love the sound signature from these. It is perfect. Exactly what I was looking for. I almost enjoy these more for music than gaming. Anyways, thought I would just share my experiences :slight_smile: .

It has definitely been expensive but I am glad I got to progess through this journey, learned a ton through the experience of hearing it with my own ears. Love my HD 800S. Cannot stop listening to them for the past week.

Topping E30 or Schiit Modius will be on order eventually.

Greatly appreciate all the help on this forum. Can’t even put it into words. You guys are amazing.

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