DT 880 600 ohm or Tygr 300r

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a recommendation between the DT 880 600 ohm or the Tygr 300r…also the dt 1990 pro as a potential buy.

A little background, I have been using the 58x for competitive gaming (strictly Battlefield) for about a year now. About 6 months ago I got suckered into buying the PC38x based upon the reviews from youtubers (Josh Valour, DMS, etc) claiming they were “beastly” gaming headphones and you wouldn’t find better until you hit the hd800s.

Fast forward to now and I realize I got totally burned. I have spent the last few days reading through Falenkors content and I completely agree. They are horrible for large scale FPS. Everything gets kinda jumbled and lost in the mix, can’t hear footsteps when multiple explosions/gunfire etc is going on. I agree that they are probably fine for small scale FPS such as CSGO where you just tip toe around all game moving silently…but a ton of headphones can handle that.

So here I am. After spending days of researching, catching up on all of Falenkors excellent posts/threads, debating on these 2/3 headphones. Like I said, strictly Battlefield and very competitive. No music listening. I got headphones for that.

DT 880 600 ohm

Tygr 300r

DT 1990 pro as an outlier

Currently using Schiit Fulla 3 as dac/amp

What would you think is my best bet?

PS, those PC38x are going in the dumpster, can’t believe I fell for that. Waste. I would assume those guys are getting a cut for every pair sold from Drop. Such BS.

he did mention it

Oh he did towards the bottom. My bad ignore me lol

That being said would the Fulla even make the DT880 loud enough to use? Hmm

40mw into 300 ohms… Ouch.

I can’t speak to the other Beyers but I play a ton of Doom Eternal with the hd880 600s and they are superb. Excellent detail even when the music or sound effects get intense. However, combing dt880 600ohms with the Fulla won’t really work as the Fulla does not near enough power to adequately drive them.

From reviews I’ve heard people love the Tygrs, maybe a Tygr owner could speak to their gaming experience with them?

I have the TYGRs and I think their imaging is superb, but take that with a grain of salt as I don’t play professionally/hyper-competitively and I’ve also not compared them to the DT 880s.

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I’ve owned all three and currently own two of the three and I’d grab the TYGR. It does probably 75/80% of what makes the DT1990 so good for less than half of the price. Also, it is far better tuned out of the box while the 1990 may need some tweaking.

I’d forget the 880/600 with that amp.

Exclude the 880 if you dont want to upgrade the amp and actually is not worth upgrade it only for a dt880

Makes sense. By time I get a new amp/dac and dt 880 600 ohm, I might as well spring for the dt 1990s?

So seems like now we are at dt 1990 or tygr 300r?

Exactly, if you really got the budget better the 1990 with the amp/DAC you’ve got already

Bit the bullet and bought the dt 1990 pro. Hope I didnt screw up again.

You should be fine provided that you aren’t overly sensitive to boosted treble. 1990s respond very well to modifying its sound signature if either of the stock pad signatures aren’t to your liking.

Excellent, thank you. I will look into that for sure.

Hey there Skinner,

somehow I feel you expected me to chime in at some point lol. Appreciate the feedback.

I am sure if you read my posts that I don’t need to caution you about the treble presence on the 1990 and other beyers? Absolutely make sure your not treble intolerant. They aren’t for everybody… if your treble intolerant… tygr will be a good alternative otherwise since you liked the 58x maybe consider going to the focal brand

I love this headphone quite a lot… was a good replacement for my 37x I had in house at the time. 58x is just a fantastic all rounder performing headphone in gaming that just doesn’t seem to fall short other than the most demanding of games like cyberpunk or other games like battlefield and tarkov.

Yeah and as a result I was blown up for a while there with messages about it with people asking my thoughts and what not lol. Fun times, wish they wouldn’t shill that hard…

Granted they aren’t wrong on the fact it is absolutely the best of the headsets for competitive gaming as I have not tried a better one… but in terms of sound qualities or comparing to headphones? that 38x even loses to shp9500 in most cases and that headphone is $50 bracket.

the problem I noticed is during reviews they were, if you watched them, playing games like destiny. To elaborate… destiny isn’t designed for fps placement really… its designed to be flashy and loud. While the 38x works fine in games like cod it struggles in warzone… the lack of separation causes those heated gun battles to screw its imaging up and the 9 oclock and 11 oclock placements are disastrously bad to the point I actually ended up dieing a ton because the headphone just could not keep up… on the other hand… games like csgo, regular cod, destiny, overwatch, valorant, etc the headset could perform just fine… but then again… I could also go buy tygr 300r and it works flawlessly even in the larger fps and on the used markets its practically the same price in mint condition(beyer sometimes sells them B STOCK on reverb I found out for like … $154 or somethin lol)

^ that right there… is why I can’t stand the 38x. if someones just looking for a headset… sure yeah absolutely 38x all day less your looking for a fully super comfortable over hear headset of which then I would probably say maybe an astro or something for the open back… as to be fair… there isn’t a lot of open back actual headsets lol

Going to be honest here, I would recommend trying to find a headphone that also fits your music interests too not just gaming… less your truly content on two sets of headphones there.

alright, so lets get a bit into it

^ going to need an upgrade for what your looking at… will not drive 600 ohms and struggles with the 250 ohm beyers due to older drivers. If your okay with it, just sell this off and step it up to a basic entry level and call it a day or switch to the G6 from soundblaster which is like… I think $20 more than the fulla but can push the 600 ohm beyers after you set it to high gain explosive volume in the software.

this is the all rounder… in battlefield it performs fine but it does have a soundstage issue in that particular game… semi open back creates that limitation and there isn’t much you can do about that… but as far as separation and imaging it works beautifully not to mention having the versatile signature you find later in the 1990 and T1.2. If your okay with the soundstage then this headphone is quite something in my opinion… I found one of these at $125 mint… so you can absolutely find them quite cheap(its an older headphone after all) and considering that price… I think this headphones extremely hard to beat as far as all rounders are concerned for this price point.

Tygr is just the 990 redone. Its a more subtle V signature or more warm in tonality if you will and was created mainly because people loved the 990 for gaming but always ran into the treble problem… 990 is better in performance due to the increase clarity and treble making it more detailed… but really that’s the only spot 990 has over the tygr… both of them have increased bass which in 990s case is slightly too much and in tygrs case depending on the game it can be slightly too much or perfectly fine… in battlefields case its fine(one of the games its not as good is rainbow six)

Bright, analytical, aggressive, but an absolute god at placements in larger fps… There isn’t many headphones I have found that I can snag for $400 that can place stuff in fps as good as a 1990 can… better than sennheiser excluding 660s(but that has narrow soundstage), better than akg as they having issues with imaging, better than audio technica as you have to go to ad2000x and that has subjective as hell comfort and is more expensive. The alternative to this is the T1 2nd gen(which if you read my posts I use the T1 as my regular go to headphone)… I would recommend looking into both of these two headphones and their traits before considering a purchase just keep in mind that T1 is a 600 ohm and 1990 is 250. If you go this route these headphones also respond incredibly well to pad swaps and can adopt a wide variety of sound traits making them quite versatile and the build quality is … well built like a tank.

The only alternatives I found in this area were something like the Sundara but they don’t have this level of imaging… just a much more relaxing brighter sound and sundara absolutely wins on soundstage over the beyers… you have FOCAL over there with the ELEX which has fantastic imaging and a weird flexible soundstage(I think this may be due to the driver it uses but the soundstage is like a bubble in that it adapts to what your listening to… however its definitely not narrow sounding). Lastly the Koss esp 95x… built cheap but e stats do have the most clarity of the headphones I just don’t like recommending that one lol


eh, only to an extent. Tygrs are $200 and 1990 you can find them at like $400 in mint. 1990 does perform better and has a lot more clarity… it was designed to rip apart sounds and pick out flaws so its ability to place sounds is ridiculous. The problem with the tygrs is at times it has too much bass, the recessive mids can push some people away since he comes from a sennheiser he may feel this is lacking, the treble peak is still slightly there and can have some sharp tendencies, it is deceptively demanding of power despite being 32 ohms, it does not respond well to eq like… at all, and it also doesn’t respond too well to pad swaps as doing that over emphasizes the bass… the 1990 essentially fixes all of those issues excluding the treble being too sharp for some.

You should be fine, make sure you can drive them… if the treble is too much you can dial them back in quite a few ways… in gaming it shouldn’t be that big of a deal though. Feel free to swing by let me know what you think though.

Haha I was hoping you would chime in. Just read your whole post and I am pumped to get these 1990s in. Thank you so much for all you do on this board. Such excellent information being provided and you go into great detail. It is really hard to find audiophile people who want to discuss audiophile grade headphones and gaming. You rock!

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Welp, got the dt 1990 pro’s in and I really like them. Been using them for the past few days. Also ended up getting the Dakoni Elite Velours. This definitely helped take the edge of that treble peak.

However, I tried cranking them up loud with my fulla 3 and it seems to get distorted. I am starting to think I need to upgrade my amp/dac.


K5 Pro - can order from Amazon, try it out, cheapest of the options. Significantly more power than my fulla 3. Is this gonna be enough to fully experience the dt 1990s and all their magic?

Magni/Modi stack. Not really sure which amp to get. The 3+ or the Heresy? Again. Is this enough to unlock the dt 1990s full potential?

Asgard 3/Modius - Go straight to the top? I am very hesitant to do this as I just spent a ton of money on the headphones already. But if this is what it takes to get the most out of these headphones, I guess I don’t have a choice.

These are my end game headphones.

Curious to know everyone’s thoughts.

Thank you :slight_smile:

another option is to use the dac on your fulla and hook it up to an amp through the preamp out. pretty sure on schiits the variable output is the preamp, so you just set volume to 100%. I ran my atom like that off of an all in one unit for awhile until they released the matching dac. that leaves you only needing an amp right now, which saves on cost.

Any of the $100 amps such as the Atom/Magni/Liquid Spark would be fine. I’m still running my 1990s off of an Atom, because I haven’t seen any reason to upgrade.

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Okay. Ordered the Asgard 3 today. Now I have to figure out how to hook my Fulla 3 up to the Asgard 3 to use the DAC. Looks like 3.5mm to RCA in one of those inputs on the back of the Fulla 3?

Should be the one with the volume notation for powered monitors on the far left, just max out the volume knob for full passthrough.

Awesome, thank you :slight_smile: