DT 880, DT 990 or TYGR 300 R?

Hello everyone, this is my first post so as the title reads I’m interested in getting one of these headphones for casual gaming. I’m coming from a Fulla 3 & PC37X so I’m pretty much entry level but I want to take the next step up. Also I’ve read that Beyerdynamic headphones are infamous for their treble spike but the thing is I don’t know if I’m treble sensitive or not. I’m concern about that treble peak, so what do you guys recommend?

I can’t talk about the DT 880.
You can use EQ to deal with the treble, it worked well for me even with the very bright DT 990.
If you use the TYGR you don’t need to worry tho. They have the best “balanced and complete” sound meaning they have the base extension, that makes the sound rich. The presentation is warm with some nice treble on top for resolution.
In terms of detail I think is it not on pair with the DT 990 (probably same for the 880) because the TGYR is based on a 32 Ohm unit and when choosing the one of the brothers you can go for higher impediance units that are faster and better resolving.
Keep in mind tho, that they need a lot of power go best with a proper amp while the TYGR is powerd fine of almost anything.
So Question DT 990 vs TYGR is: Rich, warm easy tone without worries about to much treble and proper power vs better resolution, speed and detail but maybe isssues with the tonality and bightnes.
The diffrences in detail are defenetly noticeable but not worldchangeingly big.

TYGR it is then. So what dac/amp do you recommend pairing with the TYGR? I’m considering an Atom stack, liquid spark stack or a schiit stack.

Either is fine. The diffrences are rather small. Liquid spark is considerd warmer, something that might not be to desireable with the TYGR.
Atom could be a tough V-Shaped but honestly I’d just consider the Schiit and Atom stack as relativly neutral with minor diffrences.
I personaly would go for Schiit, I like the build and the looks, simply as that. They also have way more power, in case you want to have some backup for later on.
Atom has one input in addition. So go for what you like for yourself and or look for conveniance and availability.

Ok so out of the 2 you recommend, which has the best “immersive” factor?

Honestly, I can’t tell. I never A/B tested them and never heard about that in reviews.

Oh that’s ok, I’m now considering a modius/asgard 3 stack and plan to get all 3 headphones and find out which headphone I prefer the most. Would that be a good idea?

The stack is going to be better sure. If you budget alllows it and you can ged rid of the headphones that you don’t like, sure …
But it does take some time to learn what you like and be able to apriciate diffrences and higher quality in audio.

This is nice to know, thank you. Also would the liquid spark stack be able to tame the treble of the DT 990 and make it a more enjoyable headphone overall and be better than the TYGR?

It does tame the treble a fair bit, the Asgard 3/Modius stack does it better tho. Also it has the juice to run the 600 Ohm Beyers that are the best sound bit the best treble control.

I do prefer the DT 990 with some EQ but that is up to your taste and generlly hard to tell because the DT 990 is somewhat one of a kind.
Many reguard the DT 880 as the best of the bunch, but if you are looking for base, these are probably not it.

Very well, Modius/Asgard 3 then find which headphone I prefer the most and end it there. Thanks for replying, I really appreciate it. Also would the Modius benefit from an external power supply or no? Since I’ve read that plugging the Modius straight to my PC will significantly affect the Modius’s performance using my PC’s power compared to having an external power supply for the Modius.

Some say so, yes. It also depends on your computer and how clean of a power signal it produces. I doubt the difffrence is gonna be magnificent and you need high end headphones to actually hear it. But why not just give it a try, since it is not much of an effort anyways and usally one has a bunch of those USB calbels around. Then you can see for yourself and in the end your ears are what matters.

Asgard and modius are alright as long as you keep your expectations within check. Don’t jump down the rabbit hole and go buying a ton of equipment all at once or it can burn you in the long run. Its worth trying atleast the 880 if you want to check how tolerant you are to treble… if your going to grab an entry level stack or the asgard… just pick up the 600 ohm for beyers. Tygr 300r doesn’t need too much power so any of the entry levels work… though I wouldn’t recommend liquid spark as it makes it a bit too warm… the atom and magni work just fine on it with negligible differences since tygr doesn’t scale to an extensive degree or change its signature a whole lot based on amp and dac.

asgard 3 and modius would essentially be a future proof option… you really wouldn’t need to go beyond there less you jumped down that rabbit hole into a much higher bracket of headphone.

as for powering the modius… it would depend on the computer but it wouldn’t hurt to get it a regular power source.

Curious, what do you consider the next tier of headphones be and the corresponding dac/amp to drive said headphones?

Would the iFi iPower 5V psu be fine?

Hey Falenkor, do you think the T1p by Astell&Kern is worth getting? It’s basically a T1.2, but at 32 ohms which means I can most likely run it with a modi/magni stack or other alternative entry level stacks.

long as it fits with the unit, check the power supply requirements of the unit by just reading into it… im not home really to check on that.

once you take a step higher it starts becoming more and more about what sound preferences you have, so I can’t really say what would be a step up less you knew what signature you were looking for and which headphone you tend to enjoy… for example… say someone were to really like sennheisers but wanted a potential cut above… I would probably tell them try the Focal Elex. For beyers say they wanted a smoother airier sound but kept it bright… I would say Hifiman such as Sundara… if they still wanted beyers then it would just be a 1990 or T1… that sort of thing.

the moment you change that driver it changes in sound. That is one of the beyers that I never sat with personally… very little is known about that to my knowledge… not many have bought it and I can’t even find anyone who has done measurements on it. I assume it wasn’t very well received. I will put it this way. the T1 3rd generation is a rocky reception as its also 32 ohms but the signature was changed drastically and due to now being 32 ohms lossed all of its scaling and synergy with higher grade amps and dacs… its not a bad headphone but the 2nd generation can easily be seen superior by some people.

if I recall correctly the T1P from astell over there though was actually more semi open back… which is different than the regular 2nd gen…

going from reviews… its a semi open back variation to the T1 2nd generation however, much much brighter and a bit more V shaped. Considering how bright 2nd gen already is? I would hard pass… especially considering all the warranty problems I see on that less you can get one just to test out for yourself. Regardless, looking at just how much juice that thing needs even in 32 ohms… you absolutely are going to need a GOOD portable amplifier or regular amp…

Very well, I’ll get the Tygr with a modi/magni stack and just call it there. Also would the modi benefit from an external psu or no since the motherboard I’ll be plugging it into is a Z370 FTW by EVGA?