DT 990 Replacement Cable

Dog chewed the cable on my DT 990s, I threw out the other half to the cable. Am I able to order a new cord and replace the broken cable?

yes and no.

the cable isn’t detachable, so you will need to do the mod that makes a cable detachable. then the world is your oyster.

I’d go into the DIY section and see if there is any 990 stuff posted. :slight_smile:

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yeah, it’s a non detachable cable… but as long as the headphone itself isn’t really damaged you can just have it modified with a detachable cable or have someone do it for you(usually costs like $70) and get a good cable for it… Otherwise you need a new headphone

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you can also contact beyerdynamic to see if you can get an original cable sent to you and a tech repair company locally can just repair it for you but if they are goinf to open it up anyway modding it might not be a bad option at all

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I can’t find any repair service near me, any recommendations who could install a new detachable cable? I appreciate the replies

I would contact a radio shop. there is usually a lot of small soldering jobs that they do.

Not sure which cable the DT-990 comes with, replacement cable for the DT-770 can be had pretty cheap (~ 20€) in the EU.