DT770 the best option for me?

Hi everyone!

I’m relatively new to world of high quality audio so I don’t have much experience at all and need some help. Right now I have a set of HD 280 pros (older version) and a Shanling M1 that I’m using as my DAP and DAC when I’m home and I’m looking to upgrade. I’m planning on getting a JDS Labs atom for my amp and am having some trouble finding the right closed headphones (under $200).

I listen to mostly EDM (tropical/ deep house/ trance/ trap) as well as some punk rock and occasionally folk. I don’t game or anything, though I do watch a lot of movies and shows. I’m looking for something that has more depth and a large sound stage to them as I find the 280s thin and shallow. Given the music that I listen to mostly, I want something that has good bass and sub-bass, though I don’t want it to be overwhelming and the only thing that I hear. I’d still like to have some details in the highs as long as they aren’t terribly ear piercing. Also, I do wear glasses, so I need something that would be comfortable during long listening sessions.

I’ve always heard really great things about the DT770, especially for electronic music, though seeing they’re as old as they are, I’m wondering if there might be a better choice for what I’m looking for. That being said, do you all have any recommendations or are the DT770 what I’m looking for? If so, what impedance would you recommend?

Thank you all so much!

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The dt770 250 ohm does sound up your alley, it’s wider, great subbass, and still has good detail and control. The atom should drive it nicely. The main issue might be with glasses, the pads tend to not play well in that regard (you might be able to get around that with a pad change)

You might want to try the Meze 99. The Neo is on sale at Headamp for 150$. and the Noir is on sale at Massdrop for 200$. Both great sounding headphones. nice bass.

this might be an issue with the dt770’s with the punk rock but the other genres should be fine… is does have pretty hot treble though so it may depend how sensitive you are… getting the 250 ohm is highly recommended if you want smoother treble (still hot though… it has to be said)

if sub bass is what you’re after there really isn’t much competition in regards to newer cans

I’ve heard that the Meze Neo’s bass can sometimes be a bit muddy and loose, though I may have heard incorrectly.

Has anyone used the Audio Technica WS1100is? A while back when I was looking on different headphone forums people recommended them, though there isn’t much out there about them and I don’t know how they compare to the DT770. Thank you guys for all of the help!!

What are some good other pad options for 770s? I’m curious about something that would reduce treble heat a bit but otherwise retain FR

Not a pad swap but the foam from the k240 tones down the treble a little bit


Age doesn’t speak to the quality of a headphone. The dt 770 is a pretty excellent choice if your need that bass and treble response but it’s not your only choice. The one more triple driver over ears are pretty good as well

Yep foam mod would be a good way to reduce treble even though I personally find the 770’s treble not to be theost deadly and pretty good

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Got those foam disks in my T50RP’s to dampen the treble spike.

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What pads do you have on your T50s?

Shure HPEAC 1540’s

I removed the foam pieces Fostex has from the factory (the ones with the hole in the center) and put the AKG foam disks in their place. No screws got taken out.

I didn’t even think of a foam swap, thanks for that! I’ll be sure to check that out if I find the highs a bit much. I think my last question goes out to glasses-wearers. Does anyone find the DT770s uncomfortable over long periods of time? Thank you guys for all of the help!!

I own the 990 pros and find them to be pretty comfy with glasses on. I think it kinda depends on the frames

I’ve got the Dt770s and the Meze 99 – I prefer the Beyer. That being said, if you like a warmer, chiller sound, you might like the 99s.

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what does the beyer do better than the mezes that leads you to preferring them over the other? just curious

The DT770s are wide and energetic. They do imaging and separation way better than the 99s. I’ve tried a bunch of around $100 closed-backs recently (I threw in the Meze 99s, because they have a lot of praise). I found the majority of things I tried to be mediocre. The Beyers stand out as something special (at least to my ears).

There’s some on Amazon Warehouse for $127, new is $140. I say take that $60-$70 you’re saving and put it towards your Atom.

Or, I’d give you a good deal on my 99s if that’s the route you want to go…