DT880 600 Ohm CAN work fine on speaker amps

I asked the support team of Beyerdynamic if my Crown XLS 1502 was too much for the headphones and got the following reply,
“this amp should not harm the headphone. Usually if you use high impedance headphone with an amp, the only thing which can occur is that the headphone can not be used to its full potential, only the other way around, using a low impedance headphone with an amp, could be critical.”

So take that as you wish but don’t be afraid to experiment :smiley:


Should maybe consider the QSC PL 380 to get even more power.

Speaker amps usually cut the power to the headphone port. The Emotiva BasX A-100 amp has a mod you can do to give the headphone port full power. Maybe the Crown does too?

The Crown does not have a headphone out. Its intended application is to live as the second last link, at that time, the audio better be presentable as you can’t room-correct a bad mix.

Chain is:
Source (band, DJ)


Speaker Management/DSP



And pay 3k USD for an amp?
If you need that much power for some reason then get the Crown XLS 2502 = 4 ohm 2 channel 775 watts or do two of those and do mono Bridged for 4 ohm mono 2400 watts and pay still like 60% less xD

Unless there’s some specific reason you really need the lower over all distortion and noise levels but that’s still a lot to shell out for an amp, and even then with the Crown amp I use with the dt880 which is sensitive as f*ck I only hear a faint noise floor

It doesn’t have a headphone out, what I’ve done is that I’ve used banana plugs to rca (from the speaker out on the back) and then rca to headphone jack, works perfectly fine

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Was more of a joke.

QSC (and Crown) make some beastly amps for PA applications. Price is reasonable.