DT880 600ohm or HE400i 2020

Im trying to decide between these two headphones will be used for both gaming and music. I’m planning on getting a Schiit Asgard and Modi to stack and just wondering on any other recommendations for headphones or dacs and amps.

I think it would really come down to what sound you are after tbh, both those headphones are pretty great. What type of music do you listen to and what games do you play? Regarding the asgard, imo that’s a great pick for both headphones, although dac wise I might personally say go for something like an earmen donald dac or topping e30 over the regular modi imo

I play a wide range of games, large open world along with fps competitive shooters so I’m looking for good imaging and then music I listen to is somewhat heavier on the bass.

So I think gaming wise the 880 is going to have sharper imaging and more accurate stage than the 400i imo (although I haven’t heard the 2020 version yet), signature wise though the 400i is going to be a bit more v shaped so it a bit more elevated bass and treble, whereas the 880 is going to be more neutral brighter, but I would really say neither are that bass heavy or have boosted bass, both have clean, quick, impactful and well refined bass

Thanks, I think I’ll probably go with the 880’s as I think I personally like the look of them slightly better and earcup seems to better slightly more comfortable in some reviews I have seen.

I would say the build and comfort on them is very solid, where the hifiman is more questionable in build but honestly still solid in comfort