DT990 PS4 requirements

Hi guys, I got a quick question for y’all: can my Creative G6 power a DT990 (250) ohm on PS4? And what mic would you guys recommend to got with the DT990’s?

For the 250 ohm it should work fine, not the highest sound quality solution but it should be more than enough to at least get the volume going, so I don’t see an issue

For the mic, a mic, you can get a modmic or something similar and be solid, or you could grab a lav/lapel mic and clip it wherever


To expand on the lav mic thing unlike what gaming headsets may show you don’t need a mic to be right in front of your face. So you can clip it on your shirt or the headphone cable even and will pick up your voice fine


Would recommend the 80 ohm version instead?

I think the 250 ohm is where you want to be, the g6 just isn’t the best sounding dac/amp I’ve heard for the price, but it will be able to do what you want it to. When dealing with consoles, the g6 is going to be one of the better options with the least amount of hassle, so you don’t have many options. But do get the 250 ohm you should be just fine

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Thanks a lot!

You can try some USB mic
I’m not sure if all of them will work but you can find on YouTube some examples

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I’ve used 250ohm DT 990 with a G6 and PS4. Sounded great, more than enough power for the headphones. Folks don’t give the G6 enough credit because it’s from Creative and a “gaming” device lol. If you check out the Audio Science Review, you’ll see that it measures extremely well as a dac, even better than some recommended entry-level DACs. The amp provides good power, but I have added a dedicated amp to my setup so I can have more flexibility.

As for the mic, a mod mic or cheaper lav mic should be fine. I hate dealing with multiple cables, so I’m a fan of the Beyerdynamic detachable cable mod and then use a BoomPro or something like that.

+1 and you can find someone else to do that mod for you if your not comfortable with it.

I want to say, as kind as I possibly can, that people just don’t like G6 because the companies quality kind of… sucks to put lightly. Lot’s of issues, bold claims that are ridiculous such as the new sxfi gamer headset claiming to be some sort of miraculously amazing fps headset, that jack of all trades speaker amp that zeos reviewed and was all over the place, among other issues like quality control. They are quite a bit all over the place in general. That isn’t to say G6 is bad… it’s not too bad honestly for a budget option but it depends completely on how much you paid for it. It’s around $150 at that point I would be asking why the hell you didn’t buy the Ifi Zen Dac at $120 instead or a schiit fulla or used schiit hel? or going a little higher / buying used for a dedicated amp like a liquid spark + Topping D10 (you can actually get that combo for potentially the same price as a g6 from time to time on sales and what not).

If anything the G6 just makes the 990 sound clean… the big issue though I found (I used to own the g6 as well as I tried the X3) is that it didn’t do anything with that treble of the 990. If you have any form of moderate level treble sensitivity that 990, especially in its 250 ohms, is going cause some pain to your ears due to that sharpness. 600 ohm dt 990 is definitely the way to go and I learned that very quickly when I had both of them in house attached to originally a G6(G6 struggled on 600 ohms though powered 250 just fine. 250 ohms started with a focusrite scarlett which fun fact that thing sucks as an amp) then switched over to a liquid spark based on ricegurus recommendation. The best thing about it is honestly just it has a good Dac in it but not a very great amp but combo units are typically like that… good for starting out then can become a dedicated dac later

Quick answer? yes. Long answer? depending on budget look into a dedicated unit like Liquid Spark + Topping D10 if you can afford just slightly more expensive. I agree with M0Ns statement here. 250 ohms is fine and the g6 is just fairly decent nothing truly and for consoles where things get more finicky a g6 will have less hassles.

I agree with pretty much everything you say about the G6, though I do think it is an exception (albeit small) to the quality Creative is known for.

That said, there are very few amp/dacs that work well with the PS4. I haven’t used the Zen Dac, so I can’t speak to it, but I know the Schiit Fulla and Hel do not work with the PS4. Not sure about other consoles. So while I don’t recommend the G6 for gaming on PC, it’s one of the only good options for PS4 in terms of features, functionality, and compatibility. From my research, the Arc Mk. 2 would be the other alternative, but I wouldn’t recommend paying nearly $300 for a console amp/dac when you can get good enough for half the price and a better stack for the desktop.

Just my two cents.

I could be misinformed on amp/dac console compatibility though, so I’m certainly open to correction if there are alternatives.

This is accurate and I had to go back and check just to be sure which is very unfortunate. Hopefully the ps5 will correct this bit of error in equipment

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I’ve been hoping this too, but I’m not expecting it, sadly. Though audio is an area that console hype/specs/etc. don’t address, so it’s always a possibility. I’d give anything that have game/chat audio mix through a USB-only interface rather than optical for game audio and USB for chat.

well theres a good variety of dedicated units that can connect to the consoles… it’s just the combo units that seem to have this issue. IIRC spark + D10 connects to ps4 just fine. Among others. PS4’s soundcard is absolute garbage as is the required connectors for a setup to fix it lol

It has to have the optical ports… so IIRC Fulla 2 is compatible… as is the Fiio k5 Pro and Mayflower arc

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