DTS signal from a PC

Does anyone know how to get their PC to put out a DTS signal? currently my Laptop is hooked up via HDMI to my TV and outputting a Dolby Atmos signal that my TV is then down converted to Dolby Digital by my TV and sending it Via Optical to my old receiver, I’d like it to put out a DTS single since DTS has a higher bitrate than Dolby Digital does.

Whatever you’re watching/playing needs to have DTS audio first, if I’m not mistaken. From there it’s a matter of finding a software player that will output that audio.

If you are playing a file, VLC will let you set whatever output stream you want; (i.e. if there’s a Dolby or DTS stream it can be passed through optical, coax, or HDMI to whatever you’re connected to. If you’re trying to stream Netflix, Amazon, etc the best they’ll let you access is stereo.

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When I play a video game its always in dolby digital, on my PS4 I can force the system to bitstream DTS.

If VLC isn’t your thing, you can look into the Dolby Access app on the Windows Store ($15 IIRC). Dolby Atmos for Headphones is fucking fantastic =). It won’t be as good as a rip sent straight to your receiver / AV processor, but it’s damn nice =).

I already have Dolby Atmos for Headphones, I find it underwhelming, but I also have a huge thx ultra2 home theater so my Sennheiser 6xx will never be able to match that set up.

Nice! I had a 7.2.4 setup in my last house. I since had to downgrade to 5.1.4 because my present house doesn’t have a large enough space.

I’m only running 5.2 right now, i’m wanting to upgrade to 5.2.4, I also have a very small room.

You’re in for a treat. The height channels add a lot of immersion for well mastered movies (I love hearing rustling leaves above me in forest scenes). It’s almost as neat as the first time I heard surround sound. With stereo you can only move sound along a single line (ignoring wall reflection trickery). Surround you get a full 2D plane. The height channels adds a full 3D volume. It’s fucking great =).

My speakers do a pretty good job at putting out a wall of sound, i’m curious to see how ATMOS height channels will improve them, my biggest problem besides money, is figuring out what to pair with my Klipsch THX Ultra 2 speakers since they are old and don’t have a matching ATMOS speaker to go along with them.

Can’t really help with specifics, my setup is Yamaha-based… Might want to email them if any of their current in-ceiling speakers will match the timbre of your set:

Klipsch THX Ultra2 Pro In-Ceiling Speaker - KL7502THX2 or KS7502THX2

Atmos is just a surround format and marketing term.
Don’t be too tangled in the word “Atmos”.

You can use any THX ultra series speaker to match the current ones, receiver will send the Atmos coded sound to upper surround speaker and ANY matching THX speaker will deliver the sound that comes out of it.
Usually they don’t require match in the mid-bass department.
I selected specs with 60Hz ± 1 dB range. Upper surround usually is wind and echo sounds, some music but no so much explosions or something that would need beefy bass.
I mean it could be more but upper surround speakers with specks of 30Hz ± 1 dB range… it really is properly performing then and most likely a big and expensive speaker already.

This also how i think it would and should work.
PC should send DTS first or the source audio should be in DTS.
Then the remaining device chain knows, what the audio is coded in to. Audio source / device needs to in the wanted codec (DTS) format first.

But. If you have a good enough receiver.
That handles Atmos, DTS and so on, many formats. It’s just a change of the audio coding.
Press of a button.
If the old receiver cannot handle that, need to be a newer one.
From hardware/source point of view.

Wonder would this work, from software point of view.

Looks like similar app than the Dolby Atmos.

Those are huge, and very expensive $1200 per speaker, I don’t want to cut holes in my ceiling, I want to do height channels.

Still they would be a matching speakers, THX and perfect for locations in Atmos height channels setups.
Anything else ain’t. ‘Mediocre’ like in MadMax.
Unless you go with other THX speakers but i think the KL-650-THX ain’t cheap and much harder to set on Atmos location. :slight_smile:

Curios to see what you will go for in the end if actually taking the long road for upper surround.

Did you try the DTS software, did it work?

Seems to work…headphones! Only that a license is needed.
It does not allow using the app with PC, even if having a DTS capable receiver… Dolby does lets you use their app. So kinda works similar ways but only shittier.
DTS "HDMI and home theater uses are on our roadmap where we are actively working with Microsoft to bring this feature to our DTS community."

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