Dunu dk2001 iem

When comparing this with the more expensive sibling, the DK3001 Pro, I find the $469 DK3001 Pro to sound more mature and refined, with a more neutral sound that is also warm and toned-down and enjoyable across many hours of listening. While I don’t find the DK2001 as fatiguing as other IEMs, I could see that the V-shaped nature could be to some. The DK2001 is the more sibling with a more vibrant outfit and stylish looks, and the sound follows suit, with some mor rough edges along the way.

That said, I find this to be a great package at $299 with a wonderful cable, case, and a generally good sounding IEM. I prefer the DK3001 Pro over this, but it does cost a bit more, and either one gets a recommendation from me. I’ve had some trouble finding a good hybrid IEM at any cost, and these two are pretty good so they’ll get recommendations for me if you’re into either types of sound.

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Does anybody know if these can be found for sale online? I can only them them on Linsoul but it’s our of stock.

They are discontinued IIRC.

Are these legit?..

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Think so.

Some sellers might have left over stock.

Yeah still available in the UK too (DUNU Dealer) pre-order for black though…


Good find thanks! I’m tempted to grab one of those…

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