🔶 DUNU EST 112 Tri-brid IEM

No, Fiio and Dunu are different companies. They did however, team up in the past.

Honestly, if upper-treble is important for your library (like it is in mine) then I cant really recommend it to you at that price. Its too much of an “achilles heel” for me to be able to tell you to spend that much money on it. The EST112 and the SA6 however both look damn good.

source on dunu and fiio: The discovery thread! | Page 3511 | Headphone Reviews and Discussion - Head-Fi.org

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Some more info on dunu: https://www.dunu-topsound.com/about

I am also pretty sure that topsound is the parent company of dunu…but I cant find the source for that and I could just remember it wrong. so take it with a big grain of salt.

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the link literally says “-topsound” :laughing:

yeah, as I mentioned. I could be wrong. They dont mention anything about topsound specifically either in their site.

well, from a quick google search it looks like topsound is Dunu
Maybe they used to be “dunu-topsound” and later rebranded it to just Dunu?

If you guys want to know I can ask dunu about it directly.

No need, I am just bored in between even more boring online classes tbh.

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I ended up returning my Zen, it was too intense for me and I generally like intense headphones (big beyerdynamic fan lol).

I got the SA6 instead and it’s great. Not quite neutral, the bass is boosted and the midrange is a little forward and treble dipped in some spots, but it’s really smooth and a lot of fun. Great bass for a ba, I think it sounds better than the dynamics in the two blessing 2s. Not much ba weirdness either, the timbre is pretty natural. Sounds great with electric guitars and distortion.

The est 112 looks cool, interested to hear your thoughts on it


The B2´s DD´s are a pretty low bar though.

But I have heard a lot of praise for the SA6.

Graph looks great as well.

source: Measurements database - Super* Review


I say give it a shot. I’m enjoying the Zen quite a lot and I would be curious how the EST 112 compares in your opinion.

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I’ve been consistently impressed with them ever since I started looking into their products. Their detailed communication and the way they engage in honest conversation with the community is some of the best I’ve seen. Really makes you feel like the company knows what they are doing and cares very much about the integrity of their product and the satisfaction of their customers.


Exactly! Other brands should look at them and follow their path. Thats how you get fans.

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It’s almost like they looked at all the nonsense that Chi-fi always catches flak for and they decided to do exactly the opposite. Lol


…did dunu develop the EST112 after my Zen review or something???

It seriously sounds like they fixed my complaints about the Zen with the EST112.
That is that it has no upper-treble roll-off, more micro-details, bigger soundstage and a bit less lower-treble.


LUCKY! I have HIGH hopes for this IEM. If you can throw some first impressions (for me) after you’ve listened to it for a bit, would be forever grateful. :slight_smile:

Nice photos as always. It looks amazing.

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Well, I can say already say this.

EST112 > ZEN

They fixed my complaints with the Zen as well. while keeping a lot of the good things (bass and mids).

WOOHOO. I’m a HUGE beyrillium fan so hoping, wishing, praying the the 112 has similar bass to the FH3. I can already tell the treble should easily be superior.

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I believe the FH3 still has quite a lot more elevated bass than this does though. The bass and mids reminds me a lot of the Zen, I guess you could read my review on the Zen on those 2 sections to get a little bit familiar with the EST112.

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Alright first impressions:

Bass: Very similar to the Zen. But not as textured and a little bit lower in quantity.

Mids: Female vocals are a little less forward and less intense but quality is very close on the EST112. Male vocals however are better on the EST112 with better tonality.

Treble: lower-treble is less intense on the EST112 and much more fatigue free. It does give the Zen an edge in macro-details though, but the EST112 compensates that with a much better upper-treble that isnt rolled-off and therefore has a lot more micro-details, air and soundstage is bigger.

Overall I think the EST112 is the better iem. Much better tuned and suits my library a lot more. Technicalities are definitely good and can keep up with the Zen (although soundstage and micro-details are definitely better on the EST112).