🔶 DUNU EST 112 Tri-brid IEM

This is the official thread for the DUNU EST 112

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: In Ear
  • Amp needed: YES

:red_circle: DUNU Audio Link



A written review here with listening impressions.

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I broke down and ‘drunk-ordered’ a pair, so I’ll try to drop impressions once it gets here.


Niiiice! Curious how you like it compared to your time with the Zen.

@Ohmboy would you mind creating an official thread for the Zen as well?

My EST112 should arrive this week.


I’ll do what I can, but I don’t know how good my memory of the Zen will be at that point. I’ll also try to do a comparison with the Tri Starlight, since I have that on hand as well.

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The graph on the EST112 looks like it fixes my complaints with the Zen. (better upper-treble and a bit less lower-treble.)


Done add your reviews and thoughts :+1:


This could very well be an epic set. Very interested to give it a listen.

Indeed, beryllium DD and 2 EST´s. Sounds like a dream setup.

My unit should be here early this week. Got so much toys coming in.

10 XINHS cables
Yaxi pads

Then the orders I will probably make this week:
Yincrow RW-2000


Pre-ordered. How did you get yours so quickly?

That tuning/graph with a beryllium DD and EST for treble? WIN! I’ve literally been saying to myself for a while now that the Mangird Tea and the Monarch are my favorite IEMs. I prefer the Monarch’s EST treble but it’s bass can be a bit overwhelming at times. My only complaint about those IEMs is that the bass could be be tighter and better textured like the FH3. The DUNU EST (with very similar tuning to the Tea with a Beyrillum DD) might be the answer to my dreams. Excited!

Its a review unit. :smirk:


What do EST drivers do best compared to other driver types?

Treble, particularly the upper-treble from what I know. They are designed to only play that area. So they literally only got one job.

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Some info from dunu on Super reviews discord server.


Looks like I’m going to have to become a DUNU customer just because of this post. Serious respect for this guy and DUNU’s company practices and philosophies.

The DUNU EST 112 will be my first DUNU, but I will help support companies with their mindset. Time to do some research into DUNU.

Thanks for posting Rikudou_Goku.


Yeah, Dunu is probably my favorite company. So transparent into their development and tech and very detailed info.


I’ve been on and off again about the Zen, but this info actually makes me want to throw money at them to help support them.

I think the Zen will be my next IEM after the EST 112.

Isn’t DUNU the parent company of Fiio?