🔶 DUNU EST 112 Tri-brid IEM

thieaudio L4 fit really well, works with a bunch of tips too
i’ve tried a bunch nothing seems to work, spiral grooves, symbio Fs, symbio Ws, sony ep-ex11s, final audio type Es, bunch of spinfits i forget which specifically, the stock tips that come with it, radius deep mounts, i doubt there’s any i could buy that would make them comfortable

@Resolution is the shell of the L4 like the Oracle?

Where is the EST112 uncomfortable?

It causes me discomfort in heel area after about an hour and it might stem from that more centered and straight nozzle positioning along with the fact that it does not have a wing that hooks the Helix lock area like the other 2 which I can and have worn for multiple hours.

hard to tell through feeling alone, definitely not helix areas, canal if I push them in the same i do any other iem, tragus/concha if i let them loose a bit to give canal a break, i think the problem is the length of the nozzle rather than anything else but again it’s hard to tell, i’ve not got any other iems with a nozzle as long as that, i’m still not sure if tips are supposed to go over the lip all the way to the back of the iem or if they’re supposed to stop just at the lip, i’ve tried both and each are uncomfortable in their own way though

If it is the canal itself that is the issue, you could try the Spinfit CP155 (the long spinfits) if they were not one of the kind you have tried before


I am not sure if I like the sound of the EST more or less with them, but if the difference is wearable or unwearable then the sound sig is kinda redundant at that point. As far as how far to put tips on it I go down to where the notch is before it goes to the body of the IEM unless it is a short bore tip then I just find where it fits best for that tip… though I try not to use those or relatively long nozzle IEMs in the first place.

i’ll give them a try, i think it was cp100 that come with the dunus + cp145 at every size but i’ll have to check purchase history, i’m not expecting much at this point though given what i’ve tried already, thanks for the advice + help! :slight_smile:

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I am not sure how different the 155 are from the 145 it might just be the with of the bore so it might not help at all. Honestly I tossed them in the cart the other day and didn’t realize they were the 155 and not the 145… I kinda dislike to a large degree the CP100 so I was going to get their other most popular type just so I could test it and write off spinfit all together for me personally… Then I got the 155 and tried them on the Variations and fell in love with the Variations all over again. I should get the 145 if they are different just in case now that spinfit is 1 for 2 in my books.

worst case scenario i have more spinfits, probably worth trying, i think i’ll probably just resell the dunu though, sounds great best iem i own just can’t really use it lol, lucky i got them 2nd hand for $360 like new rather then spending full price on them, i’ll probably try the oracle next just because the L4 fits me well + i doubt they have a super long nozzle which i’m still guessing is the issue, if it ends up not being a good fit i can probably resell at a small loss quickly

I don’t have the L4 to compare the Oracle against, but I do prefer the sound of the Oracle to the EST. The nozzle is shorter then the EST, but just as wide or very close in width. Th length difference is about halfway from the notch on the middle of the EST to the tip of the nozzle is where the Oracle’s total length is. Instead of having a flared middle to hold the tip better the Oracle has a flared lip around the top, both are about as wide at the widest and about as narrow at the narrower parts.

I actually bought the Oracle from @Resolution and the EST from @Sonofholhorse. The Variation I just got new from Apos.

It’s not identical. The Legacy 4 shell is the same as the Legacy 3 and 2.

The issue with the EST 112 is that it is metal and it’s considerably heavier than something like an L4. @Morphitsu might be better suited to a resin shell IEM. Thieaudio Oracle or Excalibur might be good recs then.

Is this iem still relevant? It is in my country very discounted. Now it is worth less than €450 in highly prestigious stores and I feel like doing another crazy thing.
Now I had the Raptgo Hook I consider it very good but I was able to try the Ikko Oh5 and it beats it in everything. The Oh5 is wonderful but I had to return it because I was just trying it out.

It is relevant, at least in my view. I still like it a lot, though I have many other IEMS. Its party trick is how good it manages to be warm and lush sounding while retaining sufficient resolving power through the spectrum. It is just delicious for guitars and acoustic instruments, though it can be used for most genres.

The fact that it has EST drivers was its selling point back in the day, but in my opinion the big 14mm DD is the start of the show. If you like warm/lush sounding IEMS, there’s no way you can go wrong with it. Not the most detailed IEM in the price range, but resolving enough and very enjoyable. Detail does not necessarily correlate with listening pleasure in my experience.

If you want to hear better EST implementations, go for other trybrids, for example EJ07M or Kind of Lava (or EJ07M retuned as kind of lava if you cannot find one in the market). If, on the other hand, you prefer clean/lean sound, the Variations is still for sale (and usually also discounted). I personally wouldn’t buy the Variations again, but I’d still buy the EST 112.


Poor treble extension, not that resolving, it’s overpriced IMO.

I don’t think this IEM was ever relevant tbh, outclassed by most other EST sets that came during 2021.

You probably do better with one of the sub 200 planar IEMs right now.

I like the tuning of the 112, but this is not 500 dollar material.


I don’t like to associate treble extension with detail. I think you can have a resolving emi without an extensive and maximizing treble.
An example of this is the Ikko Oh5. The best ringer I’ve ever heard. More textured sound than the Raptgo Hook and with more sense of resolution but less extension than the Hook.

For now I’ll stick with the Ikko Oh5. I loved.

One word: EST

Why have these drivers in an IEM if they are implemented poorly?

You might as well make a hybrid like the Vulkan and save production costs.

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I personally prefer the EST 112 to any of the planars I’ve heard or have, which is most of them. The EST 112 is thick and warm souding, and sufficiently resolving, not trebly by any means, so the EST driver does not stand out, which is not to say it is not present and contributes to it sounding natural.

But yes, people buying EST IEMs excpect to hear them because they are paying for them, and that is fair. Personally, I’m past that point, I have too many IEMs, I just want different flavors and sufficient polish, and the EST 112 has both IMO. Plus, I’m sure you can now get it at a very good discount or especially if second hand.


Agreed on your comments on the EST drivers. XENNS MANGIRD UP is a perfect example for me as it has 2 Sonion EST but they are so well implemented that they just enhance a tiny bit of sparkle and nuances instead of something you could pick out.


I might pull the trigger on the UP for funsies when I go shopping for a true TOTL later this year.

Almost everyone says it’s not that resolving but it really doesn’t matter if you own many sets.

Not a resolve monster but plays well into its tuning. I find myself listening to the UP tons more than the EJ07M because of that.