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  • Type: In Ear
  • Amp needed: Yes

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Does anyone have a recommendation for a “mini SA6”? This earphone has piqued my interest ever since Resolve mentioned he likes it for his prog metal tracks. Ordered the KZ DQ6 as a mini UM 3DT and was curious if there was a similar counterpart for this earphone.

Don’t quote me on it as I’ve heard none of them. Starting at 2:40m he compares Bravery to SA6.

I’d not pick budget BA sets for progmetal tho, since they will lack slam. DQ6 and 3DT should take you places :slight_smile:

They look pretty different.

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Anyone in UK/EU have a SA6 for trade for a Moondrop Variations?

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We have cookies bro

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:joy: :joy: :joy:

I mean… I’ll trade my Variations with your RSV if you’d like :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just messing with you. I’d actually love to try SA6. Always been curious. I have a soft spot


Just went over a few IEMs I’m considering trading with the Variations, otherwise I’d prefer selling just to get some funds:

  1. Dunu SA6
  2. Thieaudio Oracle
  3. Xenns UP

Curiously, SA6 seems more common in the US than UK/EU… Don’t see the hype for it around the latter :face_with_monocle:

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All three different but solid options. Good luck :call_me_hand:

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They’ve been going at good rates on AVExchange and Head Fi lately ($4/0 and below)

Please, staph. Cant you see im poor already? 🤦

(I’ll think about it, but I have a target on my mind already)

Only one available listing on Head-Fi atm, and I tried messaging the guy but he’s not interested in a trade :man_shrugging:

If someone wants to be a hero and let me try/review sa6, I’ll clean his/her house and cook for a week.


Oof. I don’t own the SA6 anymore. I did A/B them A LOT to my Teas though while I did, so here’s my experience with the two:

Bass: SA6 has really good bass for a BA set/comparable to the DD in the Tea. Both are pretty similar imo in-terms of texture and detail. SA6 has a tiny bit more mid-bass but I honestly can’t hear the difference if I blind them.

Mids: Sweet, rich, and full mids on both. Two of the best mids you can get around $550.

Treble: This is where they differ. As a treble sensitive guy that listens to music at high volume I personally prefer something smoother and darker. However, even though the SA6 has more treble than the Tea, it doesn’t get hot at higher volumes. Basically, if you wanted the smooth treble from the Teas but more, then you’re looking at the SA6.

Vocals: SA6’s vocals are smooth, full and sweet, however it is more recessed than the Teas which are more intimate. I can hear better vocal detail and texture on the Teas. No harshness in either.

Detail/imaging/separation: You will get more treble detail with the SA6, and more vocal detail with the Teas. SA6 will have slightly better separation (5-10%~), but aside from that they both have similarly amazing imaging. And despite the SA6 being a full BA set its timbre is still really good; similar timbre on both.

Soundstage: If the Teas sound like you’re sitting in the middle of the band as they play around you, then the SA6’s are you sitting in the very front row while the band plays to you. Personally, I prefer the intimate/3D factor of the Teas, which is why I kept the Teas instead of the SA6 (that and better vocals on the Tea).

To summarize:
Bass: Tie
Mids: Tie
Treble: SA6
Vocals: Tea
Detail/separation: Slight edge to SA6
Imaging/timbre: Tie
Soundstage experience: Tea
Value: Tea

Teas for ballads/acoustics, and SA6 for songs with more instruments like classical/alternative. Rock and bands sound just as good on both!

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face: