Which of the two options do you recommend?


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I haven’t heard the Z12s, but I own and love the S12s and the Z12s basically are the S12s with like 2db of bass added. I have also heard the Talos and played around with them on a couple of occasions. I prefer the sonic performance and fit/ergonomics of the Letshuoers and I think they are an incredible value. The Talos aren’t bad, but the setting that engages the two BAs is completely useless for me as they become an overly bright, sibilant mess with the BAs added on. I feel like with the Talos you’re paying extra for those BAs and, unless you REALLY like your treble, you’re just not going to be using them.

So basically, I’d say go for the Z12s all the way. Normally, I’d ask what your musical prefs are, but in this case I genuinely can’t think of a situation in which I would rec the Talos over the S12/Z12. That’s just me though.

Anyways, good luck and happy hunting! :sunglasses:


I can’t comment on the Z12 either as I haven’t heard them but owning both the Talos and the S12, I do swap between the two depending on what I want and feel like at the time.

I find the S12 to be more relaxed and better for general BGM listening, whereas I find the Talos to be better at presenting detail.

I agree totally on the BA=Useless and don’t ever switch it on. I also use tips from the IE600 on the Talos which just smooths the treble ever so slightly. With the S12 I prefer the spring tips.


I haven’t heard Z12 or S12 but I used to own Timeless which has similar tonality.
I demoed Talos and I found it lean and thin. Not my cup of tea.
Z12 will be bassier, warmer.

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