I don’t do IEM reviews much but thought you might be interested:


My review here. It was a great mature tuning example of Dunu’s house. Mobileaudiophile Dunu Vulkan Review

Ironically, it showed the fame of Titan S not by chance or smthing. Dunu is a brand who knows what they are doing. Titan S vs Vulkan

I have been lucky enough to demo Vulkan for a while.

They are exactly what I was looking for, a neutral with bass boost set that can play my whole library but that can primarily play hip-hop and Techno well. They sustain my basshead desire for good bass but doesn’t sacrifice the rest of the frequency response. I have settled on CP100+ for now. They give both comfort and a good seal.

Vulkan has great sub-bass with good physicality and rumble that really shines with Techno. The mid range is clean and the vocals have a good center presentation but they can sound a warm and a bit veiled at times. Not a problem with me, it’s just not a vocal centric set.

No complaint in the treble department. It plays everything well and the timbre in the high registers is accurate.

I have been floored at how it replays this Laurent Garnier album that I know very well. This is first time I hear certain sounds and the subtle sounds in the bass or the cymbals.


Great album, great set :slight_smile:


Laurent Garnier just came out with a new album!!!


Added to the queue! Daddy Laurent

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I download it on FLAC to listen to it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here are my full impressions of Vulkan:

Bass: sub-bass reaches deep with good rumble and physicality. Bass quality overall is good and clean, not too warm with no bleed into the mid range. For me this is neutral with bass boost but because the bass is so fun I would go further and call it a basshead IEM. I listen to a lot of Techno and Hip-Hop so I value good quality bass in quantity. Vulkan delivers this and it has offered the best replays I’ve heard of tracks by Laurent Garnier, Ellen Allien, etc.

Mid range: as mentioned above it is neutral to me, with a late pinna. Mids are clear with good timbre and vocals are not forward nor recessed. Male vocals in Hip-Hop songs can sound smooth. For some other genres, vocals (or violins) may come across a bit veiled or distant. Vulkan is not a vocal king but it is not lacking either. It’s adequate but not the star of the show.

Treble: Not much to point at here. I’m very sensitive to “dark” IEMs as I find them lifeless. FDX1 and Tea2 sounded too dark for me. I also have experience a lot of sets with spikes in the upper treble that affect timbre (Dioko, P1+). Vulkan has none of that, it sounds good to my ears with good timbre.

Techs: instrument separation is excellent, stage is decent “blob”-like around my head with depth, height and width but not to the point to be holographic, center image is really good while imaging (left/right) is average.

They do sound better at higher volume.

Fit is improved if I use a cable with no ear hooks.

Versatile and great for Techno and Hip-Hop.
I love them as they play my entire library beautifully with impact, details and emotion.


Man that’s interesting, one reason I haven’t bothered in them is a frequent comment on their midbass lacking punch.

Thanks for the impressions!

That’s the interesting part. Not everything can be shown on graphs.

The bass is not full like Z300 for example but it is impactful. It is for sure sub-bass focused but the mid bass is not lacking and it doesn’t sound lean or anemic. It is not a bass head IEM in the same way as (I imagine) Maestro Mini, but nonetheless it has plenty of bass (and less pinna) to make it fun. Bass head set for me.

One review I read before this was talking about how bass guitars sound bad on Vulkan. I listened to several tracks with prominent bass guitar and even cellos. They felt very visceral to me and very present in the mix.

I think the biggest complaints from reviews I’ve read was about the treble.

Otherwise, from reviews I thought I would not like it but I love it. Taste in bass, treble preference and library plays a big role.

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Thanks for embellishing. It reminds me of how the Serial graphs (pretty neutralish), vs where I line it up in a rotation (one of the bassier sets to my ears easily)

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