This is the official thread for the DUNU VULKAN IEM

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: In Ear, 2 DD & 4 BA
  • Amp needed: NO, but use one anyway
  • 380USD

:red_circle: Hifiguides Link




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Are you going to make a separate video with a review of Dunu Vulkan on Youtube?

Yes I will :ok_hand:

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Hey guys, I’m also the official DUNU rep these days so if you have any questions feel free to ask me as well!




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Vulcan wallpaper LOL


Man of all the places for a slight weak point I don’t think bass impact in general or 4 string bass is a sacrifice I could make. Love the look and the overall reviewer descriptions so far though.

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First step is to say it out loud. I AM A BASSHEAD!

Probably going to pass on this one.
Still waiting for more reviews.

Admitted Done…! :smiley:


I am not a bass head and if I need that there are others I can throw in .

I am also a bit of a basshead, and this one got me to pause for a bit. I still think I am going to proceed on the path I had planned.

Like you, I am also going to be paying attention to the reviews on the Vulkan. It seems like it is doing a lot of things right. Tea didn’t look like it was going to be a satisfying set when I looked at the FR graphs, but I fell in love with them once I heard them.

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The OG Teas or II? What’s the better of the two sets do you think?

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I went with the OG Teas. After chatting with people that had heard or owned both, the Tea II is more like other IEMs that you have heard, where the original was different. That was the magic that I really wanted to capture.

My guess is that both of them are very good, but when I was shopping I really wanted the original sound. It was also an easy pitch, since they were available for $260 on Drop, vs the $350 for the Tea II most places.

I always have a list with a few IEMs that are on my radar, and the Tea II is on the list, as is the Vulkan, but I am pretty content right now, and the Penon Serial is the IEM that is the top of the list currently.


Good luck I can not pull that trigger when I read reviews that take the show y 2 over it. I doubt that’s true but I listened to a Variations Serial face off on you tube. They went back and forth and the clear winner was the moon drop

Hope it is wonderful and you love it.

I can’t buy another Moondrop product. Neither of my previous two IEMs from them lasted longer than 6 months. They didn’t leave my home office, and Moondrop might as well not have a warranty. There is no way I am spending half a kilo-buck for anything they make.

I am willing to believe the sound is great. Starfield was good, but a bit too neutral for my tastes. The Aria was weird, at times it was great, but the bass always left me wanting a little more. Both of those sets died with bad cable connectors. The one that still works is the SSP, that I use when I go walking ( the lack of sub-bass means I can hear cars ).

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Well I have a blessing 2 for sale ! Lol but my son’s Dusk failed and they did nothing. I would not buy variation because of that. I leaning towards the new Dunu but waiting I will pick up the airship as HBB never let me down. Who knows in 4 months the planar of all planars may arrive. We are going on an unplanned vacation makes sense to wait. One thing we know at pace if development there will be new choices. I might like KATO but not a fan of moon drop dd stuff.

LOL 10 points for Riku. Thanks for making my day with this.


My review is published now for those interested: TechPowerUp