Duties and Customs

Has anyone purchased headphones from headphones.com to Canada? Wondering what the duties and customs cost. Also they say they don’t charge tax but do you get charged tax anyway from the government?

laughs in Europe

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if it’s shipped via USPS and then switches over to CP, you’ll face taxes and then a $10 - $20 brokerage charge for Canada Post to ‘collect’ those taxes :stuck_out_tongue:

at least shipping is free into Canada if the order is over $100 USD!

5% ? That’s like peanut money…
You could just order a new house with the headphones. lol

Continues ^^ in Europe. lol

Canada Post has never charged me any collection fees, unlike a few couriers. All I have ever been charged is the provincial sales tax.

I have never been charged any kind of duties in this hobby, whether coming from the US, Asia or Europe.

Couriers however will come to your door, charge you the tax and then charge you a fee for collecting said tax. Just to rub salt in the wound. :smile:

every package I’ve gotten from Drop has had taxes plus a $10 brokerage charge. in fact, my last Drop order had a $20 brokerage charge. None of my shipments from Big Bad Toy Store have though, which was nice.

Has the PO charged you that or Drop? Or a courier?

CP is the collector…they won’t deliver my package, have to go into the office and pay before they’ll hand it over.

Whenever I get a card from the post office the balance owning is usually about 15% of the total order, depending on exchange rate. It would make sense that there is a $10.00 fee tucked in there for crossing the border, but the bill is never itemized.

To the OP, you are looking at about a $10.00 border crossing process fee and whatever tax your province charges. No duties are charged, that I have ever seen. Your biggest bill, by far, is the exchange rate, but that has gotten MUCH better recently.