DVD series set digitazing

Hello Guys,

I own a few set of complete series on DVD, and I would like to digitalize it for storage and accessibility. For example, for one serie on each DVD, there is multiples episodes with multiples subs and soundtrack language and some bonus.

Is there an easy way to copy it to my storage, by retaining all the data? I wish to keep the differents subs and languages and also the bonus (and maybe even the DVD menu). The best would be to have it all encoded in a single video file, maybe one per episode (or something like that).

I saw online a few solutions, but most required multiple softwares or didn’t look so easy. Does anybody has experience doing this? I am also ready to pay for a software if needed.

As I feel like that some sort of disclaimer is needed, please note that I want to do this solely for myself and that in the country where I live owning a digital copy of something you have is permitted.

In Germany, making backups of media you purchased yourself is legal. Distributing such copies is illegal.

MakeMKV is the software I use to rip DVDs and BluRays. I then compress them using Handbreak while keeping Subtitles and Audio.


Thanks, I’ll try this weekend how it works.