Dynamics vs Planars

Once upon a time i thought Planars where the cheeze-nitz. I thought that a Dynamic driver could not compete. But lately ive been realizing all my favorite headphones have been dynamics. The Helios, The Elex, Meze 99, Fostex ebony, 1More, Autuer and all the ZMF line, Sennhieser.

Its just seems that Dynamics have a depth to them that Planars cant seem to beat. Bass seems better on them. The Planars seem to have timbre and tonal problems. they seem colder. more technical, more shallow. Are these impressions i have wrong? Could it be that since Dynamics have been around longer they’ve had more time to perfect? Or can a Planar be just as good as a Dynamic in every way?

Probably just your preference there man. I can say since you don’t have them on your list to go check out the T60 or T50 argons or hell even the Dan Clark series but I know your not a bit fan of soundstage as is. Dynamics are still nice.

Maybe. But there are examples of planars and dynamics that don’t fit that description. LCD-2 might be a good example.

Meze Empyrean is planar…

BTW are you selling your Arya’s?

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yeah, still have to figure out how to send them from home. might wait till the whole corona thing calms down

Since you like V signatures man go pick up an Ether if you want more analytical or Aeon if you want laid back fun. Both are planar both are fantastic. Massdrop makes both fantastic but you also have the newer versions that are more refined. Also like mentioned the Empyrean if you can afford that monster. LCD - 2 would probably depend on the version you get as they are said to sound different. Darker from what I am told.

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hmmmmm i think they can definetly be better (or compete at least). in fact, my favorite bass i’ve heard is the bass from the sundaras. i love how tight and fast it is, very lovely. even tho i’ve owned bass canons like the hawks and blon03 (altho that one is not in the same league lol) Mids too have been phenominal on the sundara, treble great too. Now then, i enjoy planar alot, but i did realize from the sundara that i would only own one if i’m allowed to have another dynamic headphone. While i can own one dynamic headphone even if i’m not allowed to own a planar. So it’s more niche in that way, in addition i’ve been told that some higher end planars have crazy good timbre etc etc. i think they can def compete, but it’s also different. The sundara i felt had great timbre, a little bit too clean to sound realistic but it was great, now there is also just timbre and then planar timbre which sounds more plucked and generally less realistic

again, it’s just different


Currently im the opposite and won’t go back.
After trying Planars, bass just feels “not normal” it’s like too fast. Also being so fast it actually starts to hurt when plaiyng a good bass song.
Highs where crisp clean but still something was off.
Everything is somehow much more smoother with Dynamic headphones, in same short of way as speakers.

I agree with previous thoughts that this is a personal preference. I use both and ultimate prefer Planar, especially for music. I find many headphones have too much bass for my liking (emphasis on MY liking), especially mid-bass that can make some music seem muddy, but every now and then I enjoy switching to something like the 1more’s for something different. I’m glad we can enjoy the variety that owning several headphones brings. There would be nothing more boring than all headphones sounding the same!

I can kinda understand those that just want 1 ultimate headphone and stick to it, but having owned multiple headphones for years now I appreciate being able to switch as the mood takes me, or just to switch for the sake of it. I gave my RBH HP-2’s a run the other day after not using them for a year and really enjoyed getting acquainted with them again.

So I say why not own both dynamic and planar.


Did you know the RBH HP-2’s are being sold as bluetooth headphones by the M&O company called the MOOH? They just showed up in massdrop selling for 50$ I got a pair and i like them a lot

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Likely a preferance thing. One thing I’ve noticed about planars is that they all lack bass decay making bass hits sound off. Personally the best bass(clean and natural for me) comes from dynamics where planars are overly sharp and tend to lose reverb infomation.

That being said if BA can make good bass I’m sure planar eventually can.

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The argons sounded more like a dynamic than a planar.

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Between the 2 I prefer dynamics to my ears generally have a more natural timbre and being a bass lover has the rumble I look for. Planar bass is cool and all but the extension can only do so much In a song while dynamics are loose and fun . Planars infind cool for instruments , separation and depth as I find it can generally layer better than dynamics . But the timbre overall just doesn’t sound as natural as dynamics at least to my ears