Dynaudio Acoustics 18S True Bass Dual 9.5″ Active Subwoofer (500W)

I am looking to get a sub at a maximum price range of 1500 usd. I have a large living room with high cellings and a big opening into the kitchen area. The room is 19’ by 20’. I was thinking of getting Dynaudio Acoustics 18S True Bass Dual 9.5″ Active Subwoofer (500W). Does anyone know if it will be a good sub for 40% movies/60% tv shows. Thank you for your help.

I don’t know this model, but doing a quick search for reviews, its being said this is suitable for music, not TV. this makes sense as it’s designed to work with studio monitors, which are built for music.

From a general perspective.
The sub seems pretty good. All the specs are very nice but i would like more modern measurement system for setting this.
They advice using Sound Meter or similar solution and then adjusting PEQ settings.
Also the layout suggest sub would be placed between the monitors.
Can you locate/place the sub center of the room or under the TV or behind it?

But like mentioned its mainly aimed used with monitors, you have this type of setup?

Heres the manual if you want a closer look

Would not be bad choice if you have similar monitors behind it and location can be managed to get the best performance out of it. Usually in living room locations there are compromises. Location mainly that effects the performance.

I don’t own this sub, but I do own a dual woofer sub that matches my KEF LS50 Metas and placement is critical with that sub. If it’s setup off to one side to end up with phase issues and things sound majorly out of whack. However, located properly it sound fan-freakin-tastic! Obviously, I don’t know how far any of this transfers to the sub you’re looking at, but I figured it might be useful to think about.

Thank you all. I really appreciate the input. I wanted a more professional sub vs a home theater varient. For better representation of sound but I also wanted something that will sound good when watching movies and tv. I do have space behind the tv. But i do not have the monitors. If anyone has a sub or knows of one that meets that criteria and can let me know what brand and model it it would be great. Again thank you all. I have two tower speakers if that helps.

@Mikhail you might want to ask on the AV sub-reddit and see what they have to say. :slight_smile:

Thank youthank you very much for your suggestion

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I use the KEF KC62 as the sub for my setup with my KEF LS50 Metas. They pair up very nicely.