Dynaudio Sub 3 - Not good for Home Theater?

Does anyone here own or have experience with a Dynaudio Sub 3?

I currently have this sub as part of my main HT setup, and I’m getting distortion (I think its bottoming out actually) especially when I play movies, with music (which it does really well I must say), not so much. Is it the sub or have I not set it up correctly?

You could find few test tones (18-150Hz) and match the volume to movie settings to find out more what it does. It probably does not distort with “normal / low” listening volumes even with movies but cranking the volume it does, right?

I would place this sub more in the music realm than for movie use.
The previous subs had few measurements with ~87dB volumes so it might be “dying” when used with loud and low effects in movie volumes.

Yes you are right, “low to normal” volumes seems to be fairly tolerated by the sub, but once I crank the volume up especially for movies, it often turns in to a fart box. Sucks to find out that I’m gonna have to likely swap the sub out, I have very limited space for it and that was why I opted for the Sub 3 in the first place. I’ll now need to think of sourcing for a replacement,…the SVS 3000 Micro and the KEF KC62 seem to be the only 2 that I can accommodate.

Thanks for the reply none the less, appreciate it!