Dyson audio cable

Anybody ever check out dyson audio cables? They’re very reasonably priced. I mean, hart audio cables is theoretically cheaper, but if you just want a straight cable without the interconnect, check them out!

I just picked up one of his Gotham 2.5 trrs cables. Not super flashy or anything but seriously, a balanced cable for 39 bucks?! And not from China?! And 2 dollar 3 days shipping for me!

That’s too legit to quit!

I also emailed to ask the owner, Jeffrey, a question about the connects and he replied in literally 10 minutes.

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They are pretty nice, I have one and it works well, got it off of ebay

Yeah I saw them on eBay but i ordered direct as it was a few bucks cheaper still.

He does custom it looks like too.

Ooh this has some stuff I’m looking for. Thanks!

No problem. I’m all over this stuff now that I found it! :+1:

Question does an order come in pairs or just single cables

Which cables specifically? Like interconnects or speaker cables?

Depending on what you’re looking for, you may be able to find cheaper. I noticed that his xlr, optical, and rca cables are kinda up there on price. His headphone cables for some reason are very reasonably priced compared to the rest.

Xlr and bnc specifically

Are you looking for them to be custom looking or just function? Honestly if you don’t care how they look I would just order cables from like any company on amazon. Xlr and bnc can be pretty cheap on there. Like 12-30 bucks a pair depending on the length. But if you want, otherwise I would check periapt or hart as their interconnects seem be cheaper.

I honestly would probably only buy the headphone cables on dyson because they’re a great price.

But to answer your question, the picture for each type will show if it comes in a single or pair it looks like.

One good thing is dyson doesn’t jack up the price too bad for length. Some companies will literally double the price, 60-120 bucks because you wanted an extra 6 inches.

Is this guy still in business? I can’t get to the internet site for some reason and after trying one of his cables finally find one made out of material that works for my needs.

I have no clue actually. I’ll look it up.

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