Ear and Nose Myths Debunked

Good info, some hearing / headphone related. I really like this series of videos.

Although… I have to admit that I am a q-tip user and have no intention of stopping.


I haven’t watched the video yet…but I’ve been using q-tips in my ears all my life…so I know what I’m doing. :wink:

The talk of bugs going in your ear made me want to die.

I’ve never had issues with bugs in my ear…but one time when I was mashing it crazy on my mountain bike somewhere, I swallowed a June bug while inhaling :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m sticking q-tips in my ear until I die thank you very much.

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Bugs seem to make a bee line (pun intended) for my face whenever I’m outside, always ending up in my eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. I’ve had far too many bugs go up my nose to not viceraly cringe at the thought of a cockroach shredding my ear.

/me hears CB penetrated to his gray matter and dieded. :upside_down_face:

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I was a fan of soaking q-tips in hydrogen peroxide until an ENT turned me onto the spray bottle method. Picked one up off Amazon and haven’t touched a q-tip since. You make a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and warm water and just blast it out, much lower chance of compacting.


Uh… anyone else turn their head sideways in the shower, fill that bitch up, and then push the sides of your ear together to slosh it like your trying to get change out of a piggy bank just to finish it off with scraping the shit off the bottom with your finger nail? No? Just me?..

I don’t. I really dislike water in my ears.

It started when I was swimming a lot and it was unavoidable. Now I do that shit and dry them out with a q-tip after the shower. I should realy visit an audiologist/ent and ask for alternatives to keeping clean ears now that I think about it.

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I use a spiraling motion, when I hit resistance I’m mostly pushing the wax sideways, not in. That way I can dry my ears after a shower or clear away any dried wax to allow the natural motion to push wax out. I’d never push or twist a q-tip into my ear.

I mean, look man, I do the same, but let’s not pretend like we know more than ENTs…


I don’t know. Qtipping daily was dogma in my house growing up. Now, it really bothers me if I don’t do it. I’ve had no infections or other issues though, so I really have no reason to stop…

I used to qtip until I got a few ear infections. Started using a bottle similar to the one @bogwater mentioned and everything has been great since then.


I just buy something premixed called Acustivum, with mineral oils and whatnot, that’s meant to simply soften the wax up so it flows out the way it normally should. I use that if something feels wrong in there, like I might need to pull stuff out. Otherwise, no more q-tips, I just let the ear do its thing as evolution intended. And I try not to get too much water in either, because I had a bit of inflammation last year that was being made worse by water / it wouldn’t let all the water drain out either and I could feel it in there for days.

Unless I’m getting into some really noisy sleeping quarters (like an overnight train) where I know I will need earplugs, in which case I do use q-tips before, to make sure the earplugs won’t slip out and that when I pull them out they won’t come with a thick layer of wax on them.

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